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  1. Got this today, watching now. It's/she is awesome, you won't be disappointed. Excellent audio and she's a funny character to boot.
  2. I moved house recently and when I set it all up again it starting reverting back to 576p every time it powered up, however I have found a fix. I changed in the setup menu HDMI/STANDBY THROUGH/MODE to OFF This I assume is used if you just want to watch your TIVO thru the tv without switching on the AMP, however I never do this and this has resolved the issue for me. Hope it works for the others with the same problem.
  3. Does the one from the US have David Attenborough commentary or has it been changed to Oprah etc?
  4. Tried turning everything off and starting again? Could it be a handshake issue?
  5. JB Penrith today Salesman to Mr & Mrs Average "LED is a mixture of LCD & Plasma using the best bits of both"
  6. I have the 302B, to cheap to pass up. Whats with the "Checking BUDA" at the start of each Blu Ray?? is it something I have selected that shouldn't be??
  7. Thats negotiated at JB. Check the attachments thread for a receipt I posted.
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