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  1. Hi, I am in the South Melbourne area and was wondering if anybody else is having major problems with 7 and 10 digital channels ?? I just cannot pick them up anymore, even on a channel scan, 9/sbs/abc are fine. cheers Michael
  2. ok this is my last hurdle I believe, I am having trouble with DNTV Live, intermittently crashing on changing channels; (does not matter how I change, presets, channels up/down), channel up/down from the control panel, it might work 5 or 6 times and then it might crash twice in a row, no pattern from what I can see, restart and all is fine again until it happens again I have now updated to version 1.1 as instructed by the Digital now folks, but I was wondering if any other users have or are having a similar issue ? I have already contacted the Digital now folks and am going to send them my sy
  3. we bought our 32" over the weekend, it is superb......
  4. agree with Harvey Norman, you should visit their Domayne store in the new QV building in the city, we were looking at LCDs (finally bought the Grundig 32" Xentia, absouetely fantastic!) and we asked the guy why all the LCD pictures looked worst then our current CRT at home which only has 2 colours left! Then he explained how they were all connected up..... and so I asked ummm do you have a good setup somewhere we can look at it, this was his answer..... "look behind you see that plasma just there playing the DVD, that is what they would look like setup properly.", we then walked out the door.
  5. holy smokes a whole new world Dvico people.... looks like a lot of people have already done a lot of leg work..... thanks renura Hi MichaelYou can use MCE 2005, no problem as an operating system (its XP anyway). Install the software from the CD, then make sure all works with the FusionHDTV software, after which if you wish you can try Media Center. A lot of people have the Lite working perfectly well with Media Center, but it may require some fiddling around. The best place to look for hints/help, etc is at the DVB Owners Discussion Forum in the DVICO Section. Cheers Renura <{PO
  6. Ok, the machine is setup just waiting for my power supply to arrive soon, I have the Dvico HDTV Live card. looking for opinions from starting from scratch, what advice ?? should I just go with XP Pro/Home and use the supplied software and the remote control, is it worth me going to MCE or is the support for the card still a bit sketchy at best ? cheers Michael
  7. glad to hear it is not just me, just wanted to relay my experience on so no one else should go through it. thanks for the replies also
  8. Was not sure where to post this but I thought I should relay my experience to other potential buyers. I am about to purchase a new LCD TV and I was keen to purchase from Klapp they are close by and have been there for a long time and had been into the shop been treated well and they seemed to know whay they were talking about. However on a recent visit to a Large consumer store they had the TV we had kind of decided on for a great price, 32" Grundig LCD Xentia for $4000. We decided well $500 is $500 I will call them and see if they can at least get close and we will go with Klapp even if the
  9. we looked at the 26" and thought it was great also, but wanted the slightly larger version. I believe the 26" is going for anything from 3500 to 4000 these days. What is the price of the 26" Grundig LCD ? Thanks <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
  10. Hi, I was just looking for opinions on the 32" Grundig Xentia LCD, we have pretty much decided on this one, just personally like the picture to alot of other similar priced LCD's. any opinions, good, bad or otherwise ? cheers Michael
  11. Hi, just wanted to get some opinions, if you were putting togehter a home theatre pc now, what card would you go with and main reasons, im ruling out a USB just because I dont want the device outside of the case. just something like card name and main reasons would be great. cheers Michael
  12. Thanks for the feedback guys, I did read allt this, was very interesting, I intend to now quiz the body corporate to find out exactly how our antenna is all set up and see if it fits with this information. So as yet I dont know what they have done, it might be all wrong or as stated there, but at least I know what to ask now. once again thanks for the help, I might be back for for some more help once I find out what they have done with the antenna. cheers Michael
  13. Sorry yeah that was me being flippant, yes we do get the channels so the box is working ok and we do get signal, however you just cannot sit there and watch it, its impossible, and more often than not, it will just say no signal, you know the deal, the pixelation and loss of sound, almost constantly on all channels. I do intend to contact the body corporate and find out what they have in terms of antannae for reception so I can compare it against what people suggest here and maybe then I can put those suggestions forward to the body corporate cheers Michael
  14. Hi, we live in an apartment block in the South Melbourne area, I recently bought a set top box and well, it has made a good ornament that is about it, we have been told that "apparently" South Melbourne is one of the worst areas for signals in Melbourne. Is this true, or is there anything that can be done ? cheers Michael
  15. Hi, im putting together a multimedia pc, first one and im worried about the whole use-ability thing with the Remote, putting together my pc, am I going to be able to get a system with just 1 remote, allowing me to change channels, play/watch DVDs and set up for recording easily, with a remote supplied with a Tuner card ? I know I can use, but my wife is going to have to use this as well and even she able to use these things, but I can also see the entire unit heading my wife very quickly if it is too hard to use ? My understanding is I will be installing XP MCE and using the supplied remote
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