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  1. Small article in the Age today that commented that sovereign states tend to act on actions rather than words. Politicians are quite aware that the need to speak to your constituency might involve saying stuff that you have no personal belief in or any thoughts of following through on (Both Trump and Kim Jong are great examples of this approach IMO :)) Until Trump actually does something this all sounds pretty much business as usal for all sides. Regards Peter Gillespie
  2. Heard a fascinating radio broadcast on the the recent history of North Korea. The whole state basically came into being because of old fashion US imperialism and conceit - talk about building a rod for your own back It also mentioned that as fare as money is concerned China is much closer to South Korea than the North (which is largely just a political arrangement). This is because North Korea does about $3 billion of trade with China (mostly non-knit suits and coats I - kid you not) and South Korea does about $150 billion. IMO a war is unlikely. Mostly because there's no upside for
  3. I missed Alien and subsequently Aliens was my favourite of the series.
  4. Matrix 1 probably counts as one of my favourite films of all time: Opening Sequence: Your men are already dead: Lobby Assault: He's the one (Bullet Time):
  5. The only person fleecing us is ourselves. Manufacturers don't build something and say lets sell it at cost + 10%. They build it at great risk and sell it at cost - 150% for a while (i.e. they're losing money selling the TV at $10,000). But its just the start of the curve. The sunk costs have been sunk. Actually making the TV now costs maybe $500 per unit but the initial investment needs to be paid off. So once all the rich, impulsive, must have it now buyers have chipped in, dropping $3000 just widens the market for more patient and savvy buyers to start purchasing. Drop a few more grand and t
  6. Multi room works on boxes bought in store (but all the boxes have to be bought in store). You just can't mix an Optus and store bought box. That said you should still be able to access recordings across any boxes just not subscriptions to pay channels etc. Regards Peter Gillespie
  7. It was more a heads up to anyone else reading and considering the purchase. Many people end up surprised they can't use multi room when they buy their second box not via Optus. FWIW I'm not a big fan of leasing anything. Unless government subsidised its invariably a much worse deal IMO. Optus have just launched a whole leasing option for their mobile phone plans. Its completely senseless locking the customer into all the risk if the phone is damaged or lost and you end up after 2 years with nothing to show for it. Amazingly Optus also offer a standard PAYG phone option where you own - the
  8. Be aware that if you are getting your Fetch with an ISP (Optus) that you can't add in store bought boxes to your existing account. So if you watch FetchTv via a Optus Plan then its possibly best to get the second box from Optus as well. Regards Peter Gillespie
  9. Sorry to say the unit isn't free. Optus might be subsidising it during this contract (and maybe in perpetuity) but if you ever want to leave Optus you'll need to give it back. Regards Peter Gillespie
  10. Agree with Jutta, The 7 day guide is a given in all models. You can scan the specs for USB and MKV, AVI, MP4, etc. capability. These will have internet or USB capability.TV media players won't be as usable or pretty or able to handle as many codecs as a standalone unit but any modern one should handle most stuff these days. And the only way to find out about the remote is to call or more likely actually see in store. Good Luck Peter Gillespie PS FWIW very few people post in here about (or I think own) TVs under 42".
  11. All TVs show 7 day the broadcast EPG (Electronic Program Guide) Otherwise how important is PQ? Could pick most of these. The Sony does most of what you want. Plays lots of file formats etc. FWIW I'd tend to get the TV I wanted and plug it into a media player (costs $100) that will play a lot more files and has a nicer onscreen look and can be upgraded seperately for $100 in a few years if needed. Mapping the favourites to buttons is not something any online spec will tell you. IMO I'd relax this requirement. Its nice to have but most TVs will have a way of quickly accessing favo
  12. I've generally been spruiking Fetch boxes for a while IMO a very family friendly total solution box that provides cost effective added content as well as Netflix etc. I use one of these for TV and a small media player for my movie library. Regards Peter Gillespie
  13. Rich people get richer backing sure things while they are down and out. Till now Channel 10 / Channel X was a sure thing. But here on out its just dwindling returns. 0.02 Peter Gillespie
  14. I'd agree. For the extra $200 I'd go Samsung over Hisense. You should also be able to find it on display in store somewhere? Regards Peter Gillespie
  15. Motion Interpolation (100hz etc) is about the TV taking 2 frames and calculating (guessing) 1 or more frames in between - to smooth out the image. It can work well but many people end up turning it off as it can create a strange effect where players seem to 'float' across the field etc.That said this TV should be fine for sport. IME all sport generally looks great close up and pretty poor (even in HD) when pulled back and roaming the field. Regards Peter Gillespie
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