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  1. I don't use this function as I can't see the need for it with so few channels, but I will give it a go and see what happpens and let you know. Even if it doesn't keep the setting, it could only be a software problem which should be able to be corrected with firmware upgrade from the manufacturer. Have you contacted them? I didn't have great expectations from such as cheap box, but so far, it has exceeded them all.
  2. I just bought the 8900 for my spare room TV. I have a HD Teac DVP800 and I think the 8900 is very comparable in performance comparing SD TO SD. I can't agree at all with the sentiments re the remote control as I reckon it is better than the TEAC's and is very easy to use and press the buttons. You must have got a dud and should return it. For $75 I don't think I could do better.
  3. I upgraded the software on my TEAC DVB800 a few months ago witht he latest version that gives you a clock when you turn it off. Often, after I turn it off, the clock time displayed is wrong. The next time I turn it on, it obviously re-sycronises and gets corrected. Has this happended to anyone else?
  4. I concur with thomfam. It's a good value for money plasma. I've had it now since March and find it great. Very good matched with a LD HD STB and Pioneer DVD. Solarisation seems to minimise as the panel beds in (or maybe I'm getting used to it). Either way, it's only noticeable with older programs. Cheers, Deucer. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I have had this panel now for about 5 months. I think it is excellent in alll respects. I believe the solarisation problems are more to do with poor quality broadcasts, mainly from ABC. It is the only channel I have this problem with. It bar
  5. Yep, upgraded last night & the same thing happened to me. Apart from that it seems to work. My picture sharpness appears to have improved.
  6. sands88, You read my mind. That's where I was going with the question.... wondering if the lockup problem was limited to use only with the inbuilt analogue tuners. No thanks.... I don't ever intend watching analogue TV with this panel. Only set up for digital. However, if it's a known problem and Samsung develops a firmware fix for it... I'll apply it anyway. Nicely done! I'm impressed! Most people wouldn't go to that effort! So what do you plan to do in terms of a replacement panel now? Cheers, Deucer. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Don't know!!!! That's the part I'm
  7. It actually has a 24 month warranty. I have had my unit now for 5 months and am extremely happy with it. I rate it's picture int he same league as what you would refer to as 'high end' models. I was going to get a Hitachi, but rated this one better...(maybe it's my families eye's going from what I have read here???LOL!)
  8. The speakers are excellent, 10 of them and quality JBL ones at that. I always use them for TV and only use the surround system when I play DVDs.
  9. I have the same unit but connected to a TEAC DVB800 HD STB connected via DVI, and Pioneer Theatre System on progressive scan via component cables. The picture is unbelievable and I have none of the problems you mention, though I did have the sync problems with the DVD system due to me setting it up wrongly. I originally had a cheapy Samsung SD set top box attached and like you was not happy with the picture. I returned this and for about $100 more I got the TEAC and have never looked back, the difference was amazing. Why spend $4000 on a HD plasma then skimp on the STB and not use the display
  10. Everyone seems to be writing off the SAMSUNG plasma's as rubbish. I would like to point out that they are one of the worlds largest plasma manufactuers and make them for other companies such as SONY. SAMSUNG have just stopped producing SD plasmas and consequently they only produce the HD ones: PS42P4H and PS50P4H nad have conseqauently reduced production costs significantly. I have the 42 inch one conected via DVI to a TEAC DB800. It has a superb picture and the sound through the 10 speaker JBL system is excellent. At a RRP of $4999 (you can expect to knock off at least $500 from this), I wo
  11. I've had this SAMSUNG for about 3 months now after choosing it over the HITACHI HD model that I was set on getting. I compared them side by side displaying HD TV and I actually thought (as did my wife) that the SAMSUNG'S picture was better. You have to be careful here and make sure the shops have the settings of the TV's set to the optimum for each set. I am extremely happy the SAMSUNG PS42P4H and I think it is one of the more atractive sets on the market, particularly with the JBL speakers set on the bottom of the unit. The JBL speakers (10 of them) give top quality sound. To top it off the
  12. I had a smilar problem but through the component. I took the box back yesterday and had it replaced. I think there may be some sort of problem with the early production models as the store said they had had a few returns of this box.
  13. Just to add some confusion, I recently purchased a HD plasma after much time consuming searching. I was all set to get a HITACHI and on going to the store a friend on mine manages to order it, he showed me a new SAMSUNG PS-42P4H plasma that was side by side the HITACHI HD Plasma TV. To my suprise, on comparing the 2 HD displays, the SAMSUNG was showing a clearer picture. It has a better speaker system (10 speaker JBL system, 15w per channel) and to add icing on the cake, was more than $1000 cheaper. It has numerous inputs including DVI and HDMI support. You should be able to get it below $6000
  14. So you must be enjoying your NEC XM3W. I omitted commenting on NEC 42XM3 as I have seen too many models and they confused the hell out of me now. Visited Len Wallis today and the saleman recommended NEC over Hitachi. I wasn't convinced as I could not tell the difference in PQ. All their plasmas are tuned to tv program and reception is bad. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I have been in the position to see all and can tell you nothing as far as i am concerned beats the NEC in PQ have a read of the threads in this forum <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I also have seen all three one a
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