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  1. I don't have one of these Pioneers, but this problem sounds very similar to a problem I had a while ago with a Topfield PVR. It turned out to be a slightly dodgy subtitle signal from Channel 7 (ie not within spec) which screwed up the Topfield for every channel. Someone came up with a TAP for the Toppy to fix it, but I don't know exactly what the problem was...too technical for me! If interested, the Topfield forum threads are here: http://www.topfield-australia.com.au/phpbb...&highlight= http://www.topfield-australia.com.au/phpbb...&highlight=
  2. Just phone Harmony tech support. They'll send you a new one and probably won't even want the broken one returned.
  3. I just leave my PVR on all the time...doesn't hurt anything and saves the long bootup process too. Another option is to add the PVR device to every activity as a "passthrough" device. That way it will turn on when you select any activity, and only turn off with the Off button.
  4. I don't understand what the problem is?? It sounds like the remote is doing exaxtly what you are telling it to do. ie you tell it to leave devices on all the time, and it is doing just that (not controlling device power). You tell it to turn devices off when not in use, and it's doing that too. What are you wanting the remote to do?
  5. Put extra commands on the LCD "soft" buttons...that's what they're there for. You can change the label to whatever you want.
  6. It doesn't add any new features. All Harmonys use the same programming so they all have pretty much the same features anyway. It's biggest plus is a HUGE improvement button layout and feel. That is enough for me to want one! Oh, and although it only has 3 Activities per screen, it does have 6 buttons on the screen available once you are in an Activity, so you'll be able to get all 4 coloured buttons (plus 2 other commands) on the screen at once.
  7. Have you verified the learned commands work correctly in Device mode? ie select "Device" then "TV" and make sure the commands you learned do what they should. If they don't, try re-learning them in RAW...select "Custom", then "Learn RAW" on the learning page. If they do work properly in Device mode, double check you have assigned them correctly. For the power commands, select "Power settings" for the TV Device then "Turn this device Off when not in use". Select "A button for On and a different button for Off". Assign the correct discrete On and Off commands here. For inputs select "Adjust
  8. All RF universal remotes only use RF to transmit to an extender, which then transmits IR to your devices...just like the Logitech setup you saw. You cannot get an RF universal remote to directly control an RF device (like the bose). There are all sorts of reasons given, such as licencing, too many different RF frequencies, or whatever, but at the end of the day it can't be done. (except for the Logitechs which can directly control an RF device that uses the Z-Wave protocol...but this is pretty much only for lighting and home automation, not HT devices) Some bose systems can also be controlled
  9. Under "Troubleshooting" for the receiver device, select "Device doesn't respond to commands correctly", then "Device responds too much to commands". Reduce the number of repeats to 0 or 1.
  10. The VP30 is already in the databse. It is listed under Amplifier->Audio/Video Switch.
  11. I replied over there, but not with anything useful unfortunately...I've never personally had any problems with connecting to the remote..
  12. Hi foxtail I would give tech support a phone call. They will talk you through a few different things to try. You use a mac, right? My brother in law had a few issues getting his Harmony to talk to his mac at one stage. He eventually figured it out himself, but I don't know what he did...my mac causes me nothing but grief, so I do all important stuff on my PC and try not to "experiment" with things on the mac. Tech support should know all the tricks and traps though.
  13. You can configure the setup without having the remote connected. I do it at work all the time. Use the web based setup at http://members.harmonyremote.com if you don't have the software installed on the remote computer. When you get home, just log in and select "Update remote".
  14. Go to "More options" for the TV device, then select "Adjust Inputs". You can change the names of the inputs to match what your TV actually has. Before you do this, select Device mode for the TV and try all the "Input..." commands listed, and note which inputs they go to. If you find commands that go directly to each input, select this method in the "Adjust inputs" setup (It says something like "A button for each input"). Assign the commands for each input that you found in device mode.
  15. The Masterpiece is definitely in the database..I use it in my setup. If you can't find an exact match for your device, you can select "Confirm IR commands" from the device options. This will ask you to press a few buttons on your factory remote, and attempt to match a device profile in the database from these commands.
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