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  1. I presume you mean AES / EBU? I’ve run these from back of house to front of house in many a live venue or nightclub. 5m will be fine. You should get 100m without any issues and if you want to go longer go to BNC connectors.
  2. Not really. We focus on multi dwelling units (apartment buildings), build to rent and townhouses.
  3. I’m a part owner of a telco that is a structural infrastructure provider (read alternative to nbn for new developments). Developers hate dealing with nbn and are often very happy to look at better outcomes for themselves and their customers. nbn’s remit has changed so many times over the journey that it’s laughable. From originally being a mandated residential internet infrastructure provider to now as a direct competitor to all enterprise telcos, there’s nothing they won’t try to make a buck. it really is a great example of how to not run a project on nearly every level.
  4. Elon is putting more and more satellites up for this service each month. Uploads are about 30ish Mbps for now, but both up and downloads are scheduled to grow as the satellite fleet gets more densely populated in space. At the moment less than 2,000 satellites out of a proposed 12,000 are in the air and they are stating that when complete, 10 Gbps is the intended maximum access speed. You can read more here: https://www.makeuseof.com/starlink-vs-viasat-vs-hughsnet-satellite-internet-compared/ It will be very interesting to see if 10Gbps comes to fruition, but where we are in regional Vic, it is already far superior to NBN fixed wireless or that dreck Sky Muster.
  5. Not bad really for a serious preamp and top shelf streamer and DAC.
  6. They have said we should get close to 300 Mbps by Christmas with the new upgrades they are making.
  7. Yeah I’ll be deployed in a similar manner. I’ll have it set to primary with one of my NBN fixed wireless links as backup. My Telstra connection will get the flick
  8. I’m going to test pilot at home an audio research ref6se and a mcintosh c1100 in the next week or so. Will see how I get on
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