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  1. It's the same as mine. The bonuses are quite significant (31 channels I don't currently have access to, worth $26 per month under the new pricing, minus BoxSets), since I used to pay $20+ more for these channels last year before downgrading to Essential + Sports + HD, and Showcase was the one channel in the previous movie pack that I had actually wanted (for the HBO stuff). The new $25 base pack removes quite a lot of channels, including SoHo and FX (moves to $20 Drama); Disney, Cartoon Networks and Nickelodeon (movies to $10 Kids), and Lifestyle You (moves to $10 Entertainment Plus), replaci
  2. Got the letter from Foxtel about the changes. I'm currently on Essential + Sports + HD for the standard price of $84 p.m. The "bonus" content includes all the channels except for the movie ones and BoxSets (since I'm not an existing subscriber of one of the General Entertainment packs, I don't get BoxSets as a bonus). To get the equivalent channels as the bonus offer under the new pricing scheme (which will also including BoxSets as part of the Drama package), it would cost $110, so the bonus content is actually fairly decent. The alternative is to go for the new Entertainment pack at $25, pl
  3. I've just started reading the book, and I suspect the connections are a bit less random especially in relation to the birthmark. From what I've read, the filmmakers decided to take a different approach regarding the re-incarnation angle, with the birthmark given less prominence (in fact, the birthmark I think has nothing to do with re-incarnation in the film). It seems to me that the point of the film was trying to make was the importance of the human connections we all make in our current lives, and that these connections somehow carry on into the next. And that no matter the time or the se
  4. Finally watched it on Blu-ray. I can definitely see why some won't like it, and the movie does have some obvious flaws, but as a sci-fi fan I cannot help but love the movie. At the very least, it was an ambitious project. One that didn't really succeed commercially or entirely on the artistic front, but I applaud the filmmakers for trying. It's movies like this that needs to be rewarded, not another Fast and Furious or Transformers nonsense.
  5. Sorry to bring up an old thread, but I just wanted to add you can get a lot more out of Netflix by using the region switching function that comes with most DNS geo-unblocking solutions (eg. Unblock US, UnoTelly ...). I've found that you get a lot more content, and newer content, on Netflix UK, Canada and the non English speaking regions (English movies will almost always have the English audio option, although subtitles may be locked to a foreign language). In fact, Netflix US seems to be the worst when it comes to new and classic movies (eg. Life of Pi, Taken 2 and Flight all just made it to
  6. $107 per month with Essential, Entertainment, Sports and HD. Now "only" $82, which is the cheapest way to get live sports in HD (a total rip off, but what can you do?). Netflix + Hulu Plus + Unblock-Us costs just under AUD $21 per month. I'm already on a 300GB Internet plan, so I now actually get to use up a good portion of this quota every month (can easily go through 10-15 GB on days when I do have time to watch a few things). Agree that you really need 200GB+ or unlimited to get the best out of the likes of Netflix, but as pgdownload says, high quota and unlimited plans are fairly afforda
  7. Schindler's List The Shawshank Redemption Star Wars (original trilogy) All the Star Trek ones LotR trilogy Godfather 1 and 2 (3, if really bored) Downfall Terminator movies (yes, even 3 and Salvation) Alien and Aliens Indiana Jones trilogy (not 4, even if extremely bored) Scarface Jaws Groundhog Day (could watch it again and again and again ...)
  8. I just cancelled the entertainment pack for my Foxtel subscription, saving $25 per month, which I will now use on Netflix and Hulu Plus to not only get a lot of the same content, but much much more (and on demand, as opposed to IQ2 HDD filling). I decided to make the change because during the last 5 days of my Netflix and Hulu Plus trial, other than live sports, I've not watched a single thing on Foxtel! Still can't replace live sports on Foxtel, which is the main reason I still opt to keep it. The essential pack channels are the ones that I will probably watch from time to time. Plus broadc
  9. 4K may have 4 times the pixels, but it does not necessarily mean 4 times the detail, and even existing compression algorithms should be able to do good quality 4K without 4 times the bitrate. A new codec can be used to deliver 4K more efficiently though (just have to make sure the 4KTVs supports the new codec, like how today's TVs support H.264/AVC), with HEVC the most likely candidate. Early tests shows that it can probably do 4K at the same bitrate as Blu-ray without significant visual quality loss. If this were the case, then I would say a 100Mbps NBN connection would be more than enough
  10. I think streaming actually suits people who don't have a lot of time to watch everything. Instead of recording on Foxtel IQ or a PVR (and eventually running out of space, like I do all the time), all the shows are in the cloud, ready for when you are. And if you don't finish it in one go, you can continue on - and this is the brilliant bit - on a different device! I watch on the TV via the PS3 though, since you can download all the apps for these streaming services on it quite easily. This is why Unblock-Us is so handy, since it supports devices not just web browsers (although the free tunlr.
  11. I've been using Amazon Prime Instant Streaming for more than a year now (used the trial with my Kindle Fire, and liked it enough to keep the subscription). Recently got onto Netflix as well, and currently doing the Hulu Plus trial, all using Unblock-Us. I have to say that these services combined (will probably drop Amazon though, since Netflix has a lot of the same contents and more, plus the PS3 app isn't working very well at the moment) have seriously changed by viewing and disc buying habits. I rarely watch Foxtel now, except for live sports. And my Blu-ray purchases have been limited to
  12. Same here! Actually watched it at Village Gold Class (had nearly expiring cheap vouchers), and surprised that the volume was pretty low. Could hardly hear some of the dialogue at times.
  13. The HMM stats count combos as a Blu-ray SKU, hence whenever a Disney classic Blu-ray combo exclusive gets released, it has usually meant a Blu-ray market share record being broken. I've been following Blu-ray market share and it has steadily risen about 5 percentage points every year since inception. DVD revenue, on the other hand, has been declining quite steadily too. Not all of it is going to Blu-ray though, since overall disc revenue is in a small decline. I think services like Netflix and new rental methods like Redbox are definitely eating into sell-through revenue, at least in the US.
  14. Good solid sci-fi, not spectacular or that memorable or without massive plot holes, but worth a watch. But then again, I'm a sucker for post-apocalyptic themed movies. I loved the soundtrack, very Mass Effect-y - in fact, the whole film felt like it could fit into the same universe (insert the bots from Portal).
  15. My guess is that, based on the size of the purple areas on your TV, no amount of voltage adjustment will remove all of the purple, which means you'll need a new panel or a new TV. After my TV was initially adjusted, I would say 95% of it went away, the rest was very hard to spot, but still noticeable if you knew where to look. If after setting the voltage to the correct value (apparently, the larger Samsungs C7000s had the voltage set at the rate which only the smaller ones were supposed to be set at, or at least that's what I was told), and some purple remains, this indicates permanent panel
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