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  1. WRT HTPC for playback... PQ wise I don't see it being worse off.. AQ wise it's hit and miss.. A HTPC has a 3 pin power supply, and is a notorious candidate for ground loop noise. Some general points: Some ROM drives can be very noisy, you need to balance the speed of the drive (to make sure it's quiet enough to be inaudible, but fast enough to keep up). There could be compatibility issues too (some BD ROM may have problems with some BD media unless you upgrade it's firmware.) Then there's the choice of software player to use (some more buggy than others but none are perfect IMO). There are
  2. What's your idea of reasonably priced? Some can make it work, but really, at the end of the day, the speaker placements of stereo vs movie are just a bit too different... If you can, setup 2 separate systems instead. Having two separate setups mean you wouldn't compromise one for the other. e.g. tweaking the speaker position for stereo will change how it works in movies. And having something in between stereo speakers will upset the stereo imaging to an extent - things like a hifi rack, centre speaker, even a TV will affect the imaging, and so on. A dedicated 2.0 setup on it's own can sound
  3. 2 as spare? (that's about it really, redundancy ). Was prob in too much of a hurry when I made that post.. Some of those fig 8 cables are not suited at all to be run over the roof space or in wall (e.g. the outer insulation will dry, crack and short). When it happens, the pair can't be used any more.. I used a fairly expensive fig 8 cable and that only lasted me approx 4 years.. Also the colour of speaker cables may be mistaken by the sparkie (apprentice ) as a power line. The first pic in the post may be mistaken by some to be power cable. (I also use blue LAN cable not white one just to
  4. If youre running 'em in wall, or up the ceiling, best to get cables rated "In-wall" (e.g. the 75 m roll).. Normal figure 8 cable insulation may not last long up the roof space (YMMV depending on what cable you're using). I'm using this. So far so good, but ask me again in 20 years ... Edit: BTW, with AV makers trying to sell you more and more gear... Go for 4 core cables (rather than 2), and go 2 runs if you can.. (1 advantage is redundancy, 2nd advantage is you can put as many speakers as they want you to buy)... You can sit happy with 5.1 (but knowing if you want more in the future, it
  5. Plex don't do ISO over client/server (i.e. streaming).. To play ISO you need the machine to plex client and server installed on the same machine. And even so, it wouldn't support bd-j (i.e. it will only play the longest title by default, which may or may not be the right title to play)... having said that, the open source people have added support for bd-j (libbluray-bdj).. Give it a few weeks/months for the change to trickle down, and eventually most free players (e.g. vlc, xine, mythtv etc) will support BD menus and what not....
  6. It's a very nifty device.. Changed how I approach my video watching (of coz free Plex client from Amazon also helped )... What we need is for Google to purchase Plex and offer it for free to all Chromecast users ... Good software + good hardware = win!
  7. It all depends.. This article list various options (prob the best article on this question). With relative good amps and speakers, in general, a good jumper cable will normally suffice, but then again, try it out and see.
  8. Check if your WDTV Live has a built in DLNA server, if it doesn't, and if your content on a USB drive that's connected to WDTV Live, then likely it's a no. (I only have the old one not the new one so unsure of any additional features). But if you're playing media from a server (over network), then you can use some of the chromecast supported apps and re-direct the content to the dongle.. e.g. I'm using Plex as my media server and I can play that on my old WD TV Live or on the Chromecast.
  9. Pasta time! Infused with smoked capsicum (hence the colour)
  10. Spero's thread is linked @ post above.. Don't think beejay ever made a dedicated pic thread (he has a pretty impressive HT room, sound proof with a sealed door and all DIY IIRC) Which link are borked? The pics I clicked seem to work for me?
  11. Here's Sphero D's thread. Click on for links and pics... Can use that as a idea as a base your design.
  12. Spero.D or spearmint (or somebody with names close to that) have a rack that comes with ear mounts for AV gear. e.g. you can order a mount for a Denon and so on... It's a great looking setup... Do a search in the archives and see if you can dig 'em up. beejay76 keeps his gear in a rack.. Both aren't using pro gear. It's a great idea IMO..
  13. I predict by 2015/2016 Canon and Nikon will move on to medium format (MF or MX)... Then people will start with new glasses and new bodies, and the shareholders will rake in their dividends ... So it will be camera phones and medium format, FF/FX and APS-C will probably be phased out...
  14. I can't remember the exact details now, but somewhere in the activity setup there is a way for you to add extra devices into the activity. The way it works, logitech remote will turn all devices in the activity to on (and switch inputs where needed), and everything else to off. This works best with devices with discrete on/off codes. So just add the PVR device into your watch roku activity, and that will stop logitech from turning it off...
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