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  1. No ideas on your problem, Steffche ... but I have another similar 'solved' plasma interference problem to add to this thread - just in case it helps someone else: A few weeks ago, I thought one of my VCRs had packed it in! ... lots of video and audio interference that I first thought was caused by very dirty heads in a hardly-ever-used VHS. But when I moved it temporarily from just under the front lip of the plasma to the floor below, the interference disappeared. Turns out that the plasma electronics were inducing interference into the VCR when they were too close together!!
  2. Hahaha ... ToeCutter and a Monster Cable adapter ... I'd like to see that!
  3. NEC 42" = 117mm with OMB wall mount (154mm with NEC's Flat Wall Mount Kit).
  4. Women actually have more sensitive ears than we males, so get her involved ... when the time comes. I once made up my mind on a very expensive purchase in just a few minutes of in-home auditioning, but I still asked my GF for an SQ opinion (without mentioning dollars, and she had very little knowledge of, or interest in, hifi). She confirmed my conclusion ... which then made the price academic ('coz it was coming out of my pocket money)!!
  5. That's a bit over-simplified! 1024x768 plasmas are slightly higher res than "native 720p", which is "true" HD in all countries. Of course, "true 1080i/p" displays would be 1440x1080 (rectangular pixels) or 1920x1080 (square pixels) ... if you have the cash.
  6. Has anyone seen a 969 in-store in Brisbane recently? I need one ... 'now'!
  7. FattChoi and Fingers, I (and the others, too, no doubt) weren't laughing at Fingers, but at Der Oesterreicher's sense of humour .......... FWIW, my 2 cents to get you started ..... High-end sound has these characteristics (apart from sounding "nice") - and these characteristics are well-worth seeking out if you have an available budget and a love of good music: 1. Wide open sound stage ... with each instrument and voice having a defined x/y/z location that you can easily point to with your eyes closed. A separate pre/pro is about the only choice available to obtain this (other than the "pu
  8. I have a brand new XR45 for sale (?) in unopened sealed box. Not sure if I want to "offload" it, but if you make me a VERY good offer - I might consider parting with it. To answer your question about the difference in SQ: XR45 has fuller dynamic range than XR50 - more bass and treble. I could hardly tell the difference between my old XR50 and Denon 2805 when I A/B-ed them on a pair of MA Gold 60's - but XR45 is even better than that .. much better. Also XR50 has a weeker power supply - it starts clipping at -20dB on my 4 Ohm ELAC 204.2's so I sold it and got a NAD T753. I found this XR4
  9. As do mine! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> hehehe ... I've re-worded my last line to avoid any confusion.
  10. Nope. I certainly don't "understand" it ....... As Bizzibee says, the Bel Canto is one "type" of digital amplifier: ie. "hybrid digital" - with analogue inputs and class-D amplification ... just like many subwoofers use! These amps use conventional analogue front-ends (pre-amplifier and processing) - including digital-to-analogue conversion of digital inputs! - followed by a very efficient Class-D PWM (effectively digital) power amplifier stage. Other examples in this category include Harman-Kardon, B&O 'ICE' technology, PS Audio and quite a few others that are still trying to cling to a
  11. Fatal assumption, Fingers! Some of the DACs are indeed very good (eg. Burr-Brown 24-bit/192kHz), but the implementation (signal path, buffering, clocking, RF interference from video circuits, noise isolation, power suply transient response, etc) is what determines the final analogue sound quality. AVRs take too many shortcuts to squeeze everything in; pre/pros take fewer; high-end audio-only gear takes even fewer (or none, in the case of some specialist builders like Halcro). My 2i cents.
  12. From this brief review of the larger Nucleus 2 in the same range, I would assume: * impedance is probably 8 ohms; * sensitivity is probably around 88dB; * bass rolloff probably starts at 60-80Hz. Purely guesswork, though ... ... Hope it helps!
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