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  1. http://www.avforums.com/review/Panasonic-P...-TV-Review.html "The 2D and 3D performance of the VX300 is quite simply the best that we have seen from a display and whilst it may have taken three years, we finally have a replacement for the Kuro. If you have the budget, and are looking for no-compromise performance, then we suggest you give the VX300 a demo. Of course if the VX300 is out of your price range, and to be fair that would be the case for most of us, then at least take some comfort in the knowledge that this performance should be reflected in Panasonic's 2012 range of plasmas. In con
  2. 'Life' BBC 4 disc set - $20 from Amazon UK, $86 from JB HiFi Keep whinging Aussie retailers........
  3. Irreversible. The Village. No forecast if these will ever will be released on blu-ray Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels (when they get the transfer right).
  4. Just got A$100 worth of discs with free delivery (including Lord Of The Rings trilogy for A$20 ), despite the offer supposedly ending on 31st October. The website still states the offer
  5. If anyone has played the the 3D version of Resistance 3, you will know the importance of light getting through the glasses! You can barely see the alien enemies! Resistance 2 was better because of the much better colour scheme. Killzone 3 worked ok in 3D.
  6. Main purpose would be BD, HD Foxtel & PS3. SD you just put up with. For SD couldn't you just shrink the projected size? The JVC-X9 looks like it does a pretty amazing picture & way beyond anything any tv can do
  7. Surely with the length of HDMI cables you would have to run from BD player, PS3 and Foxtel HD would be too long leading to PQ degradation?? I am just toying with the idea, because the picture quality is so much better
  8. The only way I know of doing a personal side by side comparison in a 'home cinema' setting AT THE SAME TIME, rather than working off memory, is at The Big Picture People. I doubt even 0.1 % of the big tv buying population do that.
  9. The videophile reviews all place the Panny picture ahead of the Sammy. That's before the quality control problems
  10. Toshiba releasing QHD (3840x2160) tv later this year, with glassless free 3D About A$15K
  11. LG are releasing OLED tvs next year. Be patient!
  12. Samsung have far more quality issues with their tvs than Pana
  13. It said that the VT30 had the best picture quality, which is what most enthusiasts value most
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