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  1. Thanks Gadget, Couldn't bare the thought of going backwards. Cheers
  2. Hi Guys, Looking to move to Gundaroo (just off Federal Hwy) and was wondering if you can get a decent reception there. I understand it will depend on position etc but just after general comments. Thanks.
  3. Was thinking of import but AFAIK this will mean I can't play my Region 4 DVD's or Blueray DVD's. Big turnoff for me.
  4. Can't compare to a professional (can't afford one) but it gives you a step by step procedure and I was happy with results. I have a mid range Sony DVD player. Cheers
  5. Did the rounds for the Panasonic too. JB offered me it for $1880..and I was very tempted. Went to ..DSE and saw the special but they only had the one on display left. Went back to JB across the road and the salesman nearly choked. (muttering "below cost" as he walked off to see the manager). Not expecting a decent pricematch he came back with a price of $1600. Couldn't get my credit card out quick enough. Very happy ...beautiful picture.
  6. Don't know any professionals but happy to loan my caibration dvd if that helps.
  7. I am glad you got your money back. Kept my fingers crossed.
  8. Yes. it is very annoying having to turn down the volume each time you switch to Win and up when you go the other way.
  9. Agree...like the time I got my Hitachi Plasma replacement from HN. "Sir we don't have that in stock....but we have this lovely LG......its just as good."
  10. Wow You had a win there dischucker. When I read your original post I thought "No way will they cover it." Great service, will definitely use Gadget for any future jobs.
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