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  1. Bump! I will drop the initial asking price to $300. Make me an offer.
  2. The main issues were all sorted with a mod fix from the distributor, Castel. Once this mod fix was completed, it has been running fine ever since.
  3. Hi all, I have a Toshiba HD-J35 High Def PVR in great working order. It has had the mod fix by Castel (Toshiba) a little while back and has been working fine ever since. This is a great HD PVR and produces a great picture via a range of outputs such as HDMI, VGA and component etc. It also features video inputs. I have the original box, manual, remote & power. Was over $1300 new. Am looking for around $400 or nearest offer Can pickup from Melbourne or I can arrange to send.
  4. SOLD!!! Toshiba HD-J35 High Def PVR is still available. I will shortly be putting it on ebay. Let me know if anyone is interested
  5. By the way, the J35 has had the fix and firmware upgraded by Castel and has been working great ever since without any problems.
  6. If it helps to lure some interest, I am also thinking of including my Toshiba J35 High Def recorder/PVR, which I currently use as the HD tuner with the TV, as part of the deal if I get a good enough offer. Therefore if anyone is interested in this great TV and the J35 HD PVR, send me your best offer.
  7. OK So it sounds like $800 is going to be a fair way off, but that was just a starting price as I am really unsure what people are paying for these now. Unfortunatly I can't keep it as I don't have room for it so it really must go one way or another. Therefore, forget the $800 price, anyone interested, make me your best offers and I will consider from there. By the way, the one on ebay at $114 doesnt actually say what model it is, only that it is a Sony Wega. There were a few models that looked similar but it may not actually be the same one I have, which by all reports is the best ever mad
  8. Hi all. I won't go into the details about this TV because if you are looking at this topic as an interested buyer, I am sure you are already well aware of the specs and reputation of this model TV, put simply, still one of, if not the best pictures around, even compared to today's Plasma, LCD & LED TVs This TV is in perfect, like new working and physical condition. It has been very well looked after since new. Has never given me any problems. It comes with the manual, power cable and remote. A very regretful sale as it still beats most TVs I have seen, but my wife wants to change thing
  9. Hi guys. Its been a long time since I posted on here. For those that know what the Momitsu HD upscaling DVD players are all about, you may remember me from a while back. I was working with Com-Tek Australia who were the main Australian distributors of the Momitsu product range. As I am sure you all know by now that Momitsu products are no longer available in Australia, however there still seems to be some interest, paricularly from new or old CRT projector owners. Now the reason for this post is that I have a Momitsu V880N player in my own private equipment collection that I have not used fo
  10. hi agentsmith, I may have a near new condition KVHR32 available for sale (76cm). Very good TV, but I am sure you know that already if you are purposely looking for one of these. A friend of mine has one and has just moved house and doesn't suit his new place so he is unfortunatly going to to a plasma/lcd. Therefore I believe he may want to get rid of the Sony. I know you asked for the KVHR36, but this is the same TV, just 10cm smaller, and what is 10cm really, as I beleive their is an unjustifiable premium attached to the extra 10cm. If this is of interest to you, what would you be willing
  11. No the other box is not connected to a phone line. I have no phone line in the house so the only way I can order is by calling the automated telephone service.
  12. Hi all, Does anyone have any ideas about alterate ways to order box office movies to run on an IQ box. I know the default is to order through the IQ box menu system whihc uses the connected phone line to dial up and processes the request, however what if you don't have a phone line connected to the IQ box? I tried calling the Foxtel Box Office automated ordering phone service, but apparently this does not work for IQ boxes/services. It will order and enable you to watch the movie on any box linked to the account except for an IQ box/service. When I called Foxtel they said there was no other
  13. That is exactly what I had found too. I just wanted to see if anyone has ever tried it in Australia to know that it will work before I bought it all. I have found a US seller on ebay that carries the stacker and destacker kits and they don't seem too expensive, around $150 AUD. However it would be really great to hear from someone that has actually tried it, especially with an IQ setup. By the way this is not a "Foxtel" install, its something I am doing myself so I can use or do whatever is necessary.
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