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  1. certainly an interesting looking unit. Is there much support for it yet? I'm keen sometime, but pleased with the Octagon 918.
  2. have one of the 880N players that was popular on this forum years ago - excellent. Still use for music cds and dvds and used heaps for network streaming. Now streaming for over a year now, I use the Popcorn Hour.
  3. rather than be disappointed later, you may want to trial it for a month or two cheaply. You'll need a mobile phone like a zte 252 (this works on all networks/bands) model off ebay for about $50 and with the often half price Telstra Nextg start sim pack $30 you can subscribe to 15 channels a month for $12.
  4. why is a self install kit for iq2 necessary for cable? Its just adding the HDMI cable, right? Can you forget the $200 fee altogether?
  5. being knocked off outta your letter box by non subs getting free viewing anyway.
  6. I have 2 of the earlier model so I can't replicate the optical out. HAve you tried many files? Have you tried all the audio settings. Does this model allow dts in the hdmi unlike the first model?
  7. I caught up with your notes and AlanH's somewhere else. So I think I have it figured now. i.e. that C1 is not using DVB-S2 and probably never will etc. Thanx very much! Ted (And it certainly not used in the current HD transponders.)
  8. so what way did C1 go re. DVB-S2? I know if in the Transmission details of the HD transponder when DVB-S2 is inserted it looks like a dead transponder - nothing in the scan. If word DVB is inserted, up pop the HD channels. (I haven't seen any HD transmissions as I don't have the sub card yet) Ted
  9. theres no actual legal requirement for maintenance. If anything they may, just may get you on using the wrong 'model' lamp replacement. But if you go ahead and maintain beyond what is said in the manual, i.e. cleaning the actual screen. then theres no legal leg one stands on for replacement etc.
  10. Thanx & thanx Blacky. But stiff chance I'll get a repair job or replacement from LG if theres been any tinkering or tampering bar a globe replacement. The 71SA1D obviously has a short lifespan and can be increased with time, energy and more $ outlay if following your recommendations. And certainly v. costly to match the lifetime of a plasma. Ted
  11. You'd have fits , my friend! Well over 2000 hrs now on this nice day in Sydney. And all the best for 2009 for you and all 71SA1D owners. Cats abound here. All 5 housebound and 2 forever moulting. Theres bits of fur all around the screen. The only maintenance - - vacuum the floor irregularly (don't create dust) - cockroach bomb next the screen - every month or so - turn off screen main switch 5 mins after standby. (to stop those fans drawing more dust in). Good one Blacky! - spare lamp near by When theres no good picture will be calling LG and telling you all here. Thanx Blackman for giv
  12. I'd be calling Rhiannon, Lea, Trudi or Andrew as problems start occuring. Law covers you for 8 or 10 years in N.S.W. for a fullly operational set and such should be expected if you paid over 7 grand. Otherwise I'd do as recommended by Blackman and claim for damages/time etc - $100/hr standard rate? - from LG. Whether the 71sa1d is a rarity or not but it seems to be more headed that way unless maintenance is carried out and thats no proviso in the purchase agreement with LG! A bug leaving a smear on the insides of your set is not your problem, Blackman. Its a design flaw!
  13. the PCH is a work in progress - always improving. I have 2 x the first model and am pleased with both. I suggest you just use the usb mode or flog it and get the new WD HD Player. I'd expect a swarm of players based on this chip to become available now as WD has got away with selling it over the counter.
  14. best way to deal with bugs and roaches is with a bomb every month or so. Now, you'll never get rid of them all forever but you can near and inside your set which could provide big prob per Blackmans words 'bout a year ago if the cocky falls dead on the lens filter(?). When setting bomb off be sure there is somewhere for them to run to that isn't being bombed (so they don't run in your set). In the meantime, turn off the set on its main switch from 5 mins in standby. The fan will last longer, the filters won't need to be replaced as often, theres nowhere warm 24/7 for the bugs to run to and w
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