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  1. Thanks for the further reply. I did everything you mention when I set it up originally, after finally giving up on Media Center in W10. So I will probably just do a re-scan on 6/12 and see how it goes.
  2. Thanks for your reply. I am using 1.15, and when I scanned originally (had to do a whole of Australia scan) about half of the channels came up with the number 10000. So I had to re-number them manually, which was a pain. That is why I don't want to re-scan if I can avoid it. You gave me all the info I need except the PMT PID. Can I find this info for myself....do you have a link please. If not, I wonder if you could provide that service ID on 6/12 for me?
  3. I'm using Mediaportal on my HTPC, and I wish to add ABCHD to the channels without doing a rescan. I need the info shown in the attached box.....have searched Google, ABC site with no luck. I am in NE Vic and get the signal from Mt Baranduda, Albury. Hoping someone may be able to help please.
  4. I sometimes watch it online. Not much worse than the SD FTA.
  5. I've used the inbuilt image creation and restore on Windows 7 and 8 many times and it seems to work perfectly.
  6. Just as a matter of interest I would love to know what sort of HTPC you get for $3000. Just that I'm about to order one from PC Casegear for about $700, which should be perfectly adequate. It will be my 5th HTPC so I am sold on the idea.
  7. I watch TV via my HTPC and you can set WMC screen at any size you like.
  8. I wonder what WIN Albury's was. It looked like SD last night. But they continue to give bitrate to unnecessary shopping channels.
  9. Even a 720p encode of a BBC HD program leaves anything on our FTA for dead. Just as well they are easily accessible.
  10. Yes, I have started using USB now and this seems to play files in order. I use Windows8 and as you say it must be something n the software, even though I don't actually use a media player. They just reside in Explorer with streaming enabled.
  11. I recently bought a Denon DNP-720AE to stream flac from the HTPC to my Denon receiver. Some albums I stream play from the 1st track right through in order. Others will start at track 3, say, and then change the order, even though on the HTPC the tracks are numbered in order, usually 01, 02 etc. I see there are also tags (I think) with a # next to them. They are also listed in order. So what determines the order in which the media player actually plays the files?
  12. I found a user review online who said the manual is incorrect. What you are saying is the correct information. It seems a bit fiddly to setup in the first place but then performs well, according to him. Anyway I will probably order one from Ebay. Thanks for your help.
  13. I'm one of those people who refuse to buy anything Apple. The PDF brochure for the Sangean mentions optical and RCA connection, but I just d/l the User Manual and the rear panel doesn't have optical out, and the RCA connections are to go to a speaker, but that wouldn't be correct as it's not an amplifier. You don't actually have one of these Sangeans I suppose?
  14. Thanks, looking at that now....it seems to be exactly what I'm looking for. I must have been asking Google the wrong questions. And on Ebay with Top-rated seller $298 delivered: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Sangean-WFT-1D-Plus-FM-DAB-Internet-wifi-Digital-Radio-Tuner-List-449-/160879624946?pt=AU_Radios&hash=item25752c42f2
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