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  1. I have the same cables at home and am very happy with them. Glwts
  2. Welcome John. Always lots of advice here 🙂
  3. I had one of these a couple years ago- quite liked it. Even has an inbuilt DAC. It was nice to be able to simply switch from Class A to Class A/B at the flick of a switch too.
  4. @skeletonT Sorry to hear about your experience with Bill's Cables. I know Bill wouldn't do you over on purpose- he really is a great guy and normally fantastic to deal with. I guess being a very popular (and busy) one man band sometimes things can be missed. We all have other things going on in our lives too. Maybe too late now but give him another chance and I am sure Bill won't disappoint. If not, move on and rest assured that I'm sure it wasn't intentional.
  5. Yep. Quite disappointing that the surface of the Node goes sticky after about 12 months. I would have much rathered they just had a hard surface than the rubber coating. Ending up just sitting down with the isopropyl alcohol had rubbed it all off (then moved it on). I like them but wouldn’t buy another whilst they still have that coating.
  6. Just listening to some Dire Straits 45rpm mofi vinyl tonight and It’s still amazing to me that vinyl can sound this good. I’ll be buying more vinyl rather than straight cd in the future.. Yeah,I am annoyed about the price difference though...
  7. Thanks Paul. I guess I am one of those seeking this old but more affordable technology ? Was hoping it might have shown up here.
  8. Just curious what became of the old K03Xs? Can’t imagine anyone would want that old, out of date cd player ?
  9. How is the new turntable going FNQ?
  10. Andy! Speed is spot on. I have an external speed controller with fine adjustment to make it right. The Kuzma uses a flat belt as well and the motor can be positioned as needed.
  11. Thanks David for the reply- the belt came to me just in a clear plastic clipseal bag so no telling how old it was. Thanks Andyr- I do have 3 belts on the way so they should hopefully do me for a while but I will keep a note of renseal for the future. Now, I was just sitting downstairs looking at my silent turntable and had a bright idea- I still had an LP12 belt that I got with the Cirkus upgrade from my previous LP12 a few years ago. I dug it out and it works perfectly with my Kuzma. I even measured the wow and flutter using the RPM app and got 0.13%- bet
  12. Thanks Cliff. I will look into that. The outer platter on my turntable weighs 4.3kg. I have a few belts already on the way. The current belt was $180 and that was after an $80 discount! I wonder if they were old stock?
  13. Hey Guys, Just wondering what people do to store their unused turntable belts? I have heard that some people stick them in the fridge to keep them fresh? My last belt lasted 6 months on the turntable before it perished and snapped. At $180 a pop I am not pleased. This time I have ordered a couple from an overseas supplier at much less cost so I was hoping to store the unused ones so they might last a little longer. PS. Hate to say it but I found Linn belts from my old turntable lasted almost forever.
  14. I have a pair of Bill’s new interconnects and I found them very good to my ears straight out of the nice box. I also have some of Bill’s very good silver cables and they definitely took a few hours to settle in before they reached their potential.
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