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  1. Further information: Hi there Bryston 4B pro Was used occasionally to drive some floorstanders in a studio environment - works great! some dust and scratches/scuffs please note this is a 110V unit and will require a stout stepdown transformer (not included and not for sale) I am trying to simplify my setup - i did buy a Robertson driver to take the top off to check if the mains transformers have 240V taps, they do not! can include the Robertson driver for $15 pickup only from Croydon NSW 2132 can do paypal but buyer must cover fees (i've bought a few things on here, but never sold - so please let me know if i have missed any important info!) thanks! Miles Photos: PLEASE READ If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved If you don't include photographs of the actual item being sold, your ad will not be approved
  2. thanks! Will get in touch if no local options turn up m
  3. Hi there my hypex FA501 arrived today - i had to hook it up sans box! I have settled on a design and am putting it together in a CAD Ideally i would get it CNC'd locally Any members here in syd have one? I did see someone just let people know about their CNC services in Vic, so shipping the panels up could be an option - but prefer syd any help much appreciated! thanks Miles
  4. Thanks Andy I've upped it to 25mm MDF (easily avail from Bunnings) I'm about to order a Hypex FA501 plate amp for it - it will handle the EQ needs for this box A bit more research has revealed that this concept (small sealed box for large driver with intended use below f3) is used by Bag End subs thanks for the help everyone Will put some pics up of the build (prob in a new thread - i'll come back to this one once i complete the subs!) miles
  5. Ive used the Speakerbox Lite calculator to look at a design for a sealed box for an Aura 1808 Anybody care to peruse the results and raise any flags The calculator determined what seemed to me quite a small box (79.35 litres for a Qtc of 0.5, f3 97.2Hz) I ended up with 86.8 litres, Qtc 0.482, f3 98.7 which is 530/530/420 in 18mm MDF so the thing that seems like an issue to me is the f3, and when increase the volume of the cab the f3 increases and the Qtc decreases... how small a cab can an 18" have? any help much appreciated.
  6. Similar to a HT centre speaker layout is what i meant, but after some reading (thanks!) vertical it is! i'll continue the research here's are the current 1808's storage position - my lady loves it...
  7. Hi there Long time Stereo.net.au reader and occasional classifieds buyer here (first time speaker DIYer) I recently came into possession of 4 Scan Speak * 18w/8531G00 , 2 * R2904 and 2 * Aurasound 1808 subs And i thought... "I could just bang these in some boxes and have a great system... why doesnt everyone do this!?" However, with my zero experience DIYing speakers and a few days of trawling the internet for some sort of plan to emulate, i feel i have only opened a floodgate of information paralysis My initial plan was to have a sealed MTM arrangement (horizontal - on stands) and the sealed subs in separate boxes on the floor. Passive XO for the MTM and an active to split to the sub (so i could use the MTM standalone) 1 - Is this a good idea? 2 - what software can i use to emulate this on a mac? 3 - Cabinet design - how to do it?! 4 - Physical time alignment of the MTM baffle - how to calculate 5 - Crossovers - i know very little I really am far out of my depth here, any help or direction would be much appreciated and i will forever be indebted to the Stereo.net.au community! Miles
  8. any recommendation for a Sydney repair person - just got a long term loan of Quad 57's that need some love
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