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  1. I've been wondering about Lyra's for a while, and one came up recently which I snapped up- thanks @Demondes. So far I am very happy with the Delos- it seems a good match for the existing set up. I was surprised at how small it appeared on my arm, having previously been used to cartridges with bodies. Justin
  2. I'd be interested in to hear your impressions of this album. Both the pressing and the material. Love Bill Evans, but am not familiar with this one. I should just listen to it on streaming, but I have too many records to listen to! Justin
  3. I totally agree with Andy, and having the exact mix of table and arm, can confirm that you can get good alignment within the range of the Jelco headshell slots. The only peculiarity is a very slight angular offset between the headshell and the cartridge (the head shell angle would have a marginally larger offset angle in a shorter arm). This is only an issue if you are looking at the arm, and not if you are sitting in your seat listening! Justin
  4. I buy LPs and enjoy the whole multi sensory process of listening to vinyl. I listen to a lot of streamed music via tidal and in combination with ripped tracks on ROON. I spend a lot of my time listening to ABC classic on my Sansui tuner, which sounds so good- though mostly it is in the background while working. I like the way that once the signal is broadcast, I can just tune in to it without downloading data from somewhere with it associated costs and energy use (fairly negligible, I grant you, but it just feels right for stuff in the background), or using up hours on my TT cartridge. I also like the new music I am hearing. In the car it is also often the radio- JJJ or whatever else is playing something I like. So streaming hasn't quite killed the radio star for me. Justin
  5. Retip through VdH is pretty well priced, but the round trip takes a while- send it off, and just about when you have forgotten ever owning it, it will return to you, good as new. If you don’t mind not having the same diamond exactly, the recommendations above are likely to get you listening again sooner. Justin
  6. Awesome Krell, with a blazing blue light, as you said! Could you get the IR remote code from somewhere (this being the likely sticking point) and turn it off with a universal remote? Anyways, enjoy! Justin
  7. I have subscribed to VMP (vinyl me please) for the past year or so, and have been surprised by their quick postage from the US, and enjoyed the mix of albums that I have received on the essentials stream. All the albums have been very good, though varied in style. If you want to order anything else from their site, it can usually be shipped for nothing, supposedly along with your order, though in my experience, it is often shipped separately. Works out at about 50 bucks a record, so not cheap, but great presentation and pressings. Most good pressings at JB are getting up there and beyond these days. Justin
  8. Great phono stage for the money- not much else out there that offers balanced all the way from tonearm, fully balanced circuitary and then balanced outlets. Was great to reduce noise in my system, and has there are linear power supplies available aftermarket if you like. GLWS. Justin
  9. That stand and setup looks beautiful, though as someone who has only recently come through having younger children, I can’t but help feeling a little nervous...
  10. They were always an odd shop, though their ad in the TV guide in the Canberra Times every week was part of my growing up as a teenage audiophile. Shops like that don’t just happen in audio- Cecil walker cycles in melbourne was just the same, a veritable trash and treasure of cycling history.
  11. I am not sure how the combination in the top pic would go- floorboards and TT just next to a subwoofer? Maybe it would be OK, but it just seems like asking for trouble. It often surprises me how much effort is put into filling a room with amazingly high end equipment, with little to no change to the room itself.
  12. I have been looking for the same thing for a friend, and the price of entry seems high for even basic units, project stream box, lindemann lime tree are just over 1k, or you could get a bluesound node 2i for about 900 and use its spdif output. There are heaps more options but the price goes up rapidly! I am interested if other folks have any suggestions I have missed. Justin
  13. I have a CXN V2, and have been looking for an excuse to trade up, but it has kept working, and firmware updates mean it is more capable than it was when I first got it- used to be limited to 16/44 via airplay and now it can do 24/192 via ROON RAAT. And it sounds good too!
  14. Given that streamers are at their heart, a computer strapped to some analogue circuitary, I don’t think it is possible to get one that doesn’t limit you in the long term. These are not going to age like a vintage Krell amp or classic tannoys. I’m not saying you shouldn’t buy a good one, you should just assume you might want another in five years! I have a Cambridge CXN v2, which is a reasonable all in one box. If you want to get heavily into rolling DACs, it may not be for you, as it doesn’t do USB as a digital output. They have updated the firmware over the period I have had it multiple times, adding chromecast and Roon support at different times, as well as upgrading the app which you use. I have looked for reasons to upgrade, and as yet have not seen anything else which combines a good user interface (I use Roon for much of my use, but also use tidal and internet radio), sound which is non fatiguing, but detailed, and a reasonable price point.
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