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  1. The Technica Rustica are completely new build, not original cabinets - I didn't get those. Bass is better than I expected, as is imaging - the staging is spot on. Agree that the heavy side panels mean that bracing is superfluous, as does the heavy - make that very heavy - front baffle and top, which were cut from a treadmill deck. That mdf is rock solid, as it needs to be.
  2. Lockdown Special Project I call these the Recyclo Technica Rustica. Made from recycled timbers and some old Technics bits and pieces. The speaker drivers and associated trim had been languishing under the house for years, while the timbers were salvage – I started out to use the old hardwood joists some time back for a pair of stands, which look quite nice, so I reckoned a pair of speakers with timber of the same sort would be the go. But they turned out too large for the stands, so I’ll have to make a six inch two way and put a timber top on them! These are essentially Technics
  3. Fair enough. I prefer sax players who maintain a nice tone and are not just rushing to spew out the notes. There are the classic ones like Ben Webster and Johnny Hodges, and more current ones who manage to sound pleasant without being boring, sometimes adopting the style of those earlier masters. That's what has been missing from the world of Sax, players who carry on the Desmond style - is it too hard? Was he non-imitatable? Or is it still a matter of a sort of prejudice, not racist, but stylist? Some pianists can deliver a fusillade of notes while remaining nice to listen to - such as O
  4. Accuphase are proper multi-voltage, along with their superb build.
  5. Further information: A real classic but with issues, so a good one for someone with some repair skills. Powers up and moves the tape, I can hear the music but there are static discharges happening which might be a capacitor on the way out. Has been sitting around unused for quite a while. Lots of features you'd normally only find on top models, but two heads not three. Photos: PLEASE READ If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved If you are advertising multiple items, y
  6. Further information: A fixer-upper project which I do not have time for. This is a heavyweight 11kg integrated amplifier rated at 100w x 2 into 8 ohms. It has a few issues, the main one being that it drops a channel when tones are engaged, but can be coaxed into two channel response (turn off speakers and rotate volume control) when the tone bypass is engaged. I think this is a job for a capable DIY person, but I need the space and time for other things. Other issues: power cord tatty and should be replaced. One outer ring missing from CD input, but this doesn’t stop the
  7. Further information: I've accumulated too many hifi items, being an addict from way back. This is a gorgeous piece of gear, fabulous in sound and facilities - has MM/MC phono, and pre-out. Built to a very high standard in chassis and internal components, and consequently very heavy, it's affordable high-end, one might say. Regardless of semantics, it's a lovely thing. Comes with power cord and original gold remote control. Freight at buyer's cost and risk. Ask about rates. I can deliver free in Hills District. Photos: PLEASE READ If you inc
  8. Further information: Originally intended for use with multi-room systems, this stereo pre-amp is still usable for basic two-channel operations. A smart DIY person might find ways of using it in a more advanced fashion, (see note * below) but I used to use it simply as a stereo pre. This is part of my tidy up season during the Sydney lockdown! Photos: Comes with power cord and remote control. Model number is PX-600/NUS. I have the manual as a PDF file. When using as a simple stereo pre, just use preamp Output 6, as this is the one controlled from the front panel and basic remote co
  9. Further information: This one is useful as a stereo preamp/tuner, although it was originally made as a RTC970 Pro-Logic unit. Since it has been superseded by other things and has been sitting around for 12 months or so, it can go as part of my tidy up! The remote used to work - needs some codes that are written on the back of it input, simple stuff like press AMP and 1, but at the moment I haven't got it to turn on. But anyway, a good cheapie for the basic pre and tuner functions. Freight: ask about this. Photos: PLEASE READ If you include any referen
  10. Mozart variations for piano, 3LP set. Back in the 1990s this was also reissued on CD as part of the Complete Mozart Edition.
  11. Dorati's Tchaikovsky is pretty much as good as it gets! For the Symphonies the Philips set by Markevitch is superb.
  12. Further information: I hate throwing good documentation in the bin, but that's what will happen to this lot unless somebody buys it. Doing some tidying up around the house, and there's something for everyone in this batch. Revox, Uher, Duntech, Denon, Marantz, Yamaha, Audio Research, Magnum Dynalab, B&O and more. Tuesday is the day the paper/glass/plastics recycling bin goes out! Photos: PLEASE READ If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved If you are advertising multiple
  13. The Stravinsky LP set is secondhand, it has been released on CD as well and is worth getting that way if you can't find this LP set.
  14. The ballets on 4 LP set. Superb performances by the LSO with Abbado. Could be the best ever Stravinsky cover art too.
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