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  1. Well that's just great, not cheers
  2. Hi, For the life of me can someone please explain how to ok record live tv with my Sony 75 X95H. It worked on every Panasonic I've owned I'm pretty sure. I've also sold my topfield. Does Kayo show sports in HD and previous games? Cheers
  3. Many thanks, looked at this one already, just found another one as well. Sony XBR X950G Series Picture and Audio Settings - Imgur
  4. HI I am getting a 75" Sony Bravia XH95 installed this afternoon. Searched the net and have only found a couple of posts on how to set it up for the best picture settings. I know "best" is subjective and personal preference however does anyone have a good starting point guide or recommendations? Cheers
  5. Hi, not sure what happened to my reply last night but I said thanks very much and that I purchased the second one on the list. I then said massive price difference between the top two. Thanks again buddy much appreciated.
  6. Hi Does anyone know if you can use wireless / Bluetooth headphones with my Anthem 720? Cannot find an answer by searching. Thanks very much.
  7. Many thanks Snoopy. Not desperate to sell. I wanted to buy OLED however my loungeroom is very bright so that was out of the question. Then I wanted to get Samsung Q95T but in Perth they are now sold out so I have decided on a 75" Sony x95H or x9500H or x950H, it is all the same model, unless someone can convince me that there is a better TV out there for around $4,000?
  8. Hi, I am about to upgrade my tv which is a 65* 2017 Panasonic TH-65EX780A.. I canot find anyone selling one so not sure how much to ask. any starting point? many thanks
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