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  1. https://plyco.com.au/search?type=product&options[prefix]=last&q=veneer
  2. This is me, no idea why it's now attributed to a "guest" Anyway the ute is gone but I'm still here and happy to help folks who need it.
  3. So this all points to the receiver being the culprit here. It functions as an integrated amp meaning the preamp and power amp are built into the same chassis. With the pre out and main in connectors it can be used for either of those purposes separately. If you try what sakabatou said, connecting the variable outputs of the cd player to the "main in" on the receiver, with the volume at minimum, you could slowly bring the volume up while playing a disc. This will show you whether it is the pre section or power section of the receiver which is at fault. Either way though, it will need professional attention unfortunately.
  4. It's possible that the volume on the CD player itself is already all the way down, giving virtually no signal. While connected to the NAD receiver CD inputs and playing, increase the volume of the CD player via remote and see if anything changes. Keep the volume on the NAD at around 9 oclock for this procedure.
  5. As it has an inbuilt tuner there wouldn't be a "tuner" input. However this can be connected to either the CD or Video input without issue. Warning- any component plugged into the "Main in" will send a full blast signal to your speakers (if connected) as the volume control is bypassed here. This should generally only be connected to a "pre out"
  6. Is the tuner giving you the same symptoms? If not, the CD player is the culprit.
  7. When you find a good one, stick with them! And ditto to AndyR comments about cleaning threads out, I do it as a matter of course as well.
  8. Is the source switch set to match the input that the CD player is connected to? Your description sounds like it may not be. With the CD playing, try also turning the bass and treble dials as they can be a little dodgy after not being used for a while. Keep the volume control at around 1/4 while doing this. Also press/turn a few of the other controls as well as any of them may be in a similar way.
  9. That's some wild timber, I should see if my brother has any left after taking out a few gnarly old trees from his place a while back.....
  10. You've already started, I sent the plate off to my supplier today😁 So, chop chop.
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