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  1. Nose: ripe fresh fruit such as apples and pears. Palate: strong toffee apple and even softer fruits with gentle wood. There is a very creamy mouthful that gives it a smooth finish. A dash of water opens up a far more pronounced nose and a far more sophisticated palate. For the $50-$57 price range my preference is still monkey shoulder but a decent score for $49.95 members special currently at dans 😁
  2. Nope. I did however buy it on special due to “damaged box”
  3. Post lockdown victory dram! Gran Patrón Platinum Tequila; 40% alc; Los Altos, Jalisco, Mexico.
  4. TheNikka Whisky From The Barrel (Blended); 51.4% alc; Japan.
  5. Birthday Flight 1 - Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey Tasting 1. Blanton’s Original Single Barrel; 46.5% alc; RICH & OILY 2. Four Roses Small Batch ; 45% alc; FRUITY & SWEET 3. Russels Reserve Barrel Pick Kittyhawk Bar; 55% alc; SPICY & VANILLA 4 . Bookers ‘Beaten Biscuits’ Batch 2019-04. 63.05% alc; SPICY & VANILLA 5. Michter’s 10yr (2021 release); 47.2% alc; FULL BODIED & SWEET
  6. New Bottle Day (NBD) - Rum Diary Experimental Kitchen Edition 1.1 XO Cherry Spiced Rum; 500ml; 42% alc; Melbourne, Australia. https://www.nicks.com.au/rum-diary-experimental-kitchen-edition-1-1-xo-cherry-spiced-rum-500ml Made with rums sourced from Trinidad and Tobago combined with late harvest black Tasmanian cherries, macerated for a year and rested for another 18 months in PX infused French oak. Muscatel, black lime, vanilla and roast wattleseed were chosen to enhance the natural flavour of the cherries, while also bringing a depth and character that's difficult to obtain with a single fruit maceration. 1500 bottles.
  7. Booker’s Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey; 62.65% alc; USA. Age: 6yrs 11mo. Batch No. 2021-01E (2021 bottling).
  8. Whisky Style: Full Bodied & Sweet Colour: Light Gold Body: Medium Nose: Ethereal and light. Yellow apples, cereal, pear, apricot, citrus zest, heather, honey, bread notes with a wisp of herbal flowers. No peat at all. Taste: Intense, peaches, honey, spice, buttered malt, brown sugar, salt, oily. Very softly smoky. This malt is quite thick and viscous. It starts soft and sweet, with chocolate and honey notes and a touch of caramel. There are some fruity notes full of fresh apricot, baked apple, peaches, buttered bread and is quite warm with an island touch. There are salty briny notes, accompanied by spices and a touch of roasted wood. Towards the end, a slight menthol souvenir with soft lemon notes. The finish is long and dry, with some spicy notes of cardamom & and a touch of dark chocolate. 2014 release. I think this was better neat. Dangerously easy to drink at this proof. Reminds me of the bigger brother to Bruichladdich Classic Laddie. 90/100
  9. Caol Ila 15 ‘Unpeated Style” Single Malt Whisky; 60.39% alc; Isle Of Islay, Scotland. Bottled in 2014.
  10. For grill cleanup, brown wax paper bag & an iron should sort that wax out. GLWTS
  11. It’s excellent. The standard run of the mill Glenlivet 18 in Aust is bottled at 40% alc. The US markets it can be found at 43% alc. At 102.6 proof / 51.3% alc the flavour is quite satisfying at this price. There’s a 16yr available too which should be right in the pocket worthy of a flight.
  12. The Glenlivet 18 “Perth” Single Cask Edition; 51.3%alc; Speyside, Scotland.
  13. The Balvenie 12 - American Oak Single Malt Scotch Whisky; 43% alc; Speyside, Scotland.
  14. I’m a special kind of special 🤣 #lockdownsundaysesh #alcohology #goodthingIdidntposttheflightof5
  15. Mini tequila interlude. Los Altos, Jalisco, Mexico. Roca Patron Silver Tequila; 45% alc. HERBAL Roca Patron Reposado Tequila; 42% alc. SWEET
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