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  1. For anyone with failed Focal/JM Labs tweeters, I had a blown tweeter in my JM Labs and used this 👇 https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/322012287021 Works fine!!!!
  2. Hi Bill, Sorry to hear about the bad news you were delivered, I hope they detected it early enough though for a speedy recovery! Hopefully this diagnosis will inspire other members here (who are over 50) to go and get an annual or bi-annual check up. Take care please!
  3. @Bill125812 Just echoing what’s already been said, wishing you a speedy and full recovery! All the best!
  4. Going left field @LWA Staff had a NAD amp on special here 👇 (still available) Not sure if there is a phono on the amp but there is a phono-preamp for $100 at LWA too 👇 (combo) https://lenwallisaudio.com/products/secondhand-hifi-av-equipment/secondhand-source/pp1-phono-preamp/ This comes under budget and may give you peace of mind buying from a reputable business with some warranty (3 months I think?) who will also ship to you! BUT, If you can find a Yamaha amp for the right price then please by all means buy it! nothing wrong with Yamaha’s nor the other amps mentioned, just a matter of personal preference/taste.
  5. @Woden78 What amp are you currently using and do you like how it partners with your speakers? Because you could save a lot of money by buying a phono box add on (NAD, Cambridge Audio for example) for your current set up! I suggested @The Bluesman amp as it is within your budget and possesses ample power for your Wharfedales with room for a possible speaker update/upgrade sometime in the future if you ever decide to go down that path? I have heard a Cambridge Audio amp (not this model) paired with a pair of Krix Equinox speakers and was very impressed with what I heard, mind you the sound level that the gentleman played his music at would of earned me a slap around the back of my head from the wife (agent Gibbs style). Best of luck with your search!
  6. @Woden78 Give this a once over and see if ticks any of your boxes?
  7. That would be awesome! 👍🏻 I would still cover my share $$ though on principle.
  8. OK, I always thought Roy C and Vintage AR were 2 different people…? I may in the very near future want to purchase some sealant as I have a pair of AR4xa speakers not to mention help out with the 2 pair of KLH speakers that would love a coating. This lockdown has stuffed things up well and truly!!
  9. If you could get a few people with AR/KLH speakers needing re-doping then air freight might be a bit more attractive for all involved. There was a member on classic speaker pages who helped that business recreate the goo, I don’t believe there is a patent on it as Edgar Villchur didn’t believe in them (patents).
  10. Not cheap but I’m very happy! ☺️
  11. Awesome Bill! Someone will be very happy with these! Also, stay safe with Brizzy lockdown 👍🏻 Not sure if you’re affected or not? the battlefield can quickly change in a blink of an eye.
  12. AR-14’s for cheap (11cents starting price)! located in Frankston Vic https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/304088515112?hash=item46cd168228:g:bNgAAOSw6C5hBiiF
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