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  1. Took delivery of my A90J 83 inch last week. Pretty excited to get it all up setup and going, but I've hit a road block unfortunately. It's got some vertical banding, so waiting on Sony tech visit to confirm it before Harvey organise a replacement set next week. That aside going from a 65 A9F to this set has been a delightful upgrade. Looking forward to getting it replaced and finally wall mounted. It's been sitting in the middle of the lounge for two weeks looking sad and mighty.
  2. Further information: I'm an avid TV enthusiast and have been with DTV forums and now Stereo net since I purchased my first Pioneer Kuro back in 2008, as such I take very good care of my TVs. This TV is near new, no blemishes or otherwise. It has not moved since purchased and inital setup and is operating without any issues. Reason for sale is we are moving house and I intend to upgrade the TV to a larger size. Move date is 5/10/21, auditions in Sydney prior to this date can be arranged. Price listed has a little bit of wiggle room but reasonable offers only please. TV will come with the original box and packaging. Can arrange postage if required, this would be at the buyers expense and risk to insure. Link to Sony product page: https://store.sony.com.au/archived-television-OLED/KD65A9F.html I will also throw in a free brand new in the box tabletop stand mount which I never ended up using. Photos: Additional photos can be provided on request. Serial number blurred out, can be provided on request. Thanks Sam
  3. https://www.androidpolice.com/2021/02/11/the-android-tv-homescreen-is-getting-a-google-tv-inspired-facelift/ Have any android TV owners in OZ received this latest UI update, which makes the interface similar to google TV? According to the media, Australia was one of the first countries to receive it. I have a Sony A9F and have checked that it has the correct version of android core services and android home, however yet to see any UI changes. I've read even with the latest updates it can take time for the rollout to activate, as it's a server side activation. Curious to know if any other Android owners have received this update? Cheers
  4. TV taken! ................ Sydney pick up only. The Rocks, CBD Ideally pickup this evening or tomorrow morning. Pioneer plasma 50 inch LX-508a Hasn't missed a beat in ten years. Large heavy TV.
  5. Item: Queen - A Night At The Opera: Blu Ray Audio disc Price Range: up to $50 depending on condition Item Condition: Used - in decent condition, normal wear and tear is fine Extra Info: http://store.acousticsounds.com/d/94270/Queen-A_Night_At_The_Opera-Blu-ray_Audio Location: Sydney, pickup or post Thanks Sam
  6. Coincidentally my replacement is one of their last two A9Fs this side of Xmas they reckon, getting delivered to the Sydney warehouse tomorrow . I'm guessing yours is the other one. I had a long chat with the warehouse manager, he assured me everything is done right from their main warehouse. TV stays upright. I only had issues as my first TV was sent from their Jamison town store.(penrith way) and the stores must not follow same process as main warehouse. I'm still considering driving to eastern Creek to pick it up though, as I've lost confidence in them.
  7. Didn't realise the boxes had sensors! Thanks for the heads up, I'll see if the Sony box has it also, doubt it though. What did it look like?
  8. Received it last night and only got to play around for a few hours. Initial impressions : - 4k hdr dolby vision on Netflix looks amazing -fta HD channels look great -fta SD channels look like absolute ****. The old 1080p plasma definitely did a better job. For the obvious reason of having a much lower resolution closer to the SD source. Only reason this matters is that I pretty much only watch the sbs food channel on fta - Android TV is fast and easy to use - ran test slides and pretty much perfect panel at 5% greyscale. Even below 5% it's solid. - very slight physical bend on top edge of panel - slight red tint on the lower left quadrant of screen, which affects full screen white and yellow slides as far as I can see. Eg those colours look non uniform The muppets at Toll delivered the TV flat on its back in the back of a Ute. So I'm likely getting it replaced with a new panel, which isn't bent. Hopefully will have same level of perfect uniformity(banding) and fix the red tint. I do realise it's a gamble and the next panel might be worse in all aspects. Just not feeling right about a panel that travelled from Penrith to Sydney cbd flat in the back of Ute. Fingers crossed!
  9. Price drop $450 ono - need it gone so make me a reasonable offer if you're interested.
  10. Yeah you've been spruking the LG for a while in this thread. It's also the oled you bought if I remember correctly? I'm happy with my purchase. Each to their own
  11. I'm probably going to go with Avcal from Melbourne. They do Sydney trips. Seem to be pretty well respected. But I'm open to good Sydney suggestions as well?
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