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  1. @betty boop knows more of the Marantz range than myself and can suggest what he thinks is the best for you. To summarise, OP has a very old EAD pre-pro, without any HDMI inputs. There are S/PDIF inputs which can take AC3 Dolby Digital multi channel. Primary requirement is to play downloaded movies encoded in Dolby Digital Plus, but there is no easy way to convert DD+ to DD (long discussion in thread). Hence, the need to replace the EAD with a Marantz or Anthem ( a used AVM 60 is an option) pre-pro. OP is new to HDMI and all the new formats, and will need help with all the bells and whistles of a modern pre-pro. I think the refurbished 7702 MK II is very good value, especially when it comes with 12 months warranty. From eBay retailer here: https://www.m.ebay.com.au/sch/i.html?isRefine=true&_pgn=1&sid=hificlearance
  2. I am really surprised that no one has purchased this. There is nothing better than using the UB-9000 to watch the LOTR 4K movies; the HDR video is superb and the picture "pops". With standard 1080p BD movies, it brings up more details than even the latest Zidoo media player with the Realtek 1619DR chip.
  3. A used AVM 60, in the Classifieds, will be more pricey than the Marantz AV7702 MK II (which passes through 4K video). Plus the Marantz comes with 12 months warranty and is really an excellent pre-pro. I read that the AVM 70 is better than AVM 60 (which I have used), but you pay a big price premium. Do I sense a reluctance to go for older models? If you want the latest and do not mind spending, there is the Anthem AVM 70, Marantz AV 7706, Marantz AV8805A, NAD M17V3, JBL SDR-35... If there are budget limits, then it is often cheaper get an AVR with pre-outs such as the NAD T758V3, Marantz SR5015 and various mid to higher end Denon, Yamaha, Onkyo, Pioneer AVRs etc... Yes, amps will be wasted if you continue with your power amps, but you can save some dollars. If you provide a budget, then we can narrow down your choices.
  4. No Zidoo player, nor Dune, Zappiti, will do native DSD over HDMi. This is because a Linux based system (Android is derived from Linux) does not natively support DSD. Stay with the Oppo if DSD over HDMI is your thing. Personally, I have been using AVRs with room correction (on PCM converted from DSD), and found that the benefits of room correction far outweigh native DSD over HDMI.
  5. It will likely impact your CX because it has a Linux base. Antipodes should be providing an update. ** see above post ** As an aside, introducing .Net into Linux is interesting. I have yet to hear of any Linux music OS using .Net to improve SQ! So Roon must be doing its future development with Microsoft.
  6. Sorry to hear that. Given how much design effort has gone into the Buchardt, I am somewhat surprised, and disappointed, that they have overlooked such a basic problem as system stability in a home full of wireless devices. It does seem that the A500s are susceptible to interference from a wireless router, Bluetooth devices, wireless door bell, microwave oven etc... What a shame from such an innovative product.
  7. Couldn't agree more with the above comments about how good the UB-9000 is. It could even improve the video quality on my old 1080p plasma, and surprisingly the audio quality compared with the Oppo 103. GLWTS...
  8. You will save a lot of pain now and in the future if you upgrade the more than 12 years old AVR. Getting the HDMI switch, if it works as you like it to be, will only temporarily postpone problems you are likely to encounter. I do not understand why you want to compromise the enjoyment of your new 4K projector? If you like Onkyo, get the upcoming TX-RZ250, which now includes Dirac Live.
  9. You can wait forever. After new Zappiti, then next gen Zidoo, then new model Dune.... If you are looking for stable products backed by extensive reviews, then these media players are likely not a good fit. There will always be issues, bugs, limits because they are rapidly evolving products.
  10. Why even look? You could end up in the same place, with specs saying one thing and actual practice delivering maybe partially on some files. If you must, then Oppo 203 will likely do the job. But it is now only available as used, and at or more than the original price.
  11. Excellent set of SACDs. GLWTS
  12. There are people who claim CDs are better and use CD transport as a preference. Some think WAV is better because there is no compression. With your Hifi Rose, you can try all options and see whether you hear a difference. I have ripped all my CDs to FLAC on a NAS. Gave up trying to debate what is better. Hence, answer is now "your personal preference..."
  13. NVIDIA -> HDMI -> Pre pro -> HDMI -> TV is what you could be doing
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