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  1. Suggest going used from the Classifieds, if you can. And build a system around the Kef active speakers, new LSX or used LS50 wireless. They sound good and meet WAF.
  2. The Immersion box set has the Blu Ray version, no SACD. Found this link about the reissue https://www.brain-damage.co.uk/latest/pink-floyds-the-dark-side-of-the-moon-sacd-reissued.html
  3. Yes, the Kraftwerk II made a difference. I was running my NUC for quite a while on the supplied brick and was surprised at the improvement with MinimServer, which acts as only a server. It gets even better when the NUC acts as the player. If I am not mistaken, your box is loaded with SnakeOil OS. It will allow you to try Roon as well as LMS (Squeezebox) and Mpd. Do experiment and see whether other music servers/players can meet your needs. Roon Rock is a self contained Linux image that can run Roon only.
  4. Just to 100% certain, please check this table. https://www.intel.com.au/content/www/au/en/support/articles/000007053/intel-nuc/intel-nuc-kits.html Most of us mere mortals will be using models requiring 90W or less, but there are versions which require 120W, 230W or even 500W!
  5. I am using a Gieseler Kraftwerk II to power my 8th Gen Intel NUC. This is a model which delivered just 50W and runs with no problems as my music server. However, I found that it was inadequate for compiling Linux kernels using 4 cores set at its maximum performance. It even stopped (when it cannot get enough power) with the supplied standard power brick (90W). Note that this is an EXTREME use of the NUC. I doubt that using Roon Rock will ever reach my extreme case. I tested Roon on the NUC and at it worst doing the initial library indexing, was never near the load of
  6. Why can't SNA do a review of a pair Phantom 1s on stands as a proper stereo setup??? Set up this way, the Phantom 1s will easily compete with systems costing more. Instead, SNA is no different to other reviews. All these reviews miss this key point: a stereo pair of Phantoms is any time better than a single lonely one....
  7. Orbi in a large 2 story house, running for 5 years without a problem. The wifi coverage is superb and a neighbour could use it! 😄 If you can use a Ethernet backbone between the Orbi units, but it is not necessary. Highly recommended.
  8. Sorry, but I like my multi channel music too much to sell! 😀 To help you build a starting list, please use this. https://www.quadraphonicquad.com/TabbedPollChart.htm Also, have a thread of this
  9. Fetch has active support and a much newer product than others. Panasonic has poor customer support for all their products, not sure Beyonwiz provides much these days? Plus it is relatively easy to setup and use. My neighbour, in the 70s, is very comfortable using it to record FTA on a regular basis, However, I did help him disentangle his previous Foxtel mess and setup his Mighty and a Mini.
  10. +1 for Sound Acoustics. And they do publish the measured performance of some traps. Many others do NOT!
  11. If you intend to play music, the Marantz is a better choice than the Denon...
  12. Suggest looking at Aurealis cables, will easily compete with cables costing a lot more https://www.aurealisaudio.com.au/rca-interconnects/
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