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  1. Having had a pair of Australe EZ for 3.5 years, I couldn't be happier👍 Or maybe I could... which is why I am self-importing a pair of Magellan Quatuor (Quartet) 😃 I have learned so much about my speakers that I feel almost duty-bound to pass on my findings. I first set up my Australes with no EQ at all - I've explained my preferred positioning earlier in this thread (basically well out from the back wall and with heaps of toe-in). I sacrificed some imagining with the sharp toe-in, but it was worth it for overall sound presentation. Fast-forward to Covid lockdown, when I discovered EQ (and I ain't never goin' back, baby). I decided to rotate my speakers outwards (I've found that 13 degrees off the listening angle is the minimum needed for great imaging in my room). Due to differences in on-axis/off-axis frequency response, I now had to make a cut in the mid-3kHz range to avoid excess vocal 'edge'. Next, I ditched the high-pass filter I had used earlier for sub-integration and used EQ for this purpose as well. I found myself so happy with the result that I wanted more - more detail, more liveliness, more Triangle. As I'd also become quietly convinced of the merits of bipolar configuration, the cheapest Triangle upgrade for me was the Quatuor, which may (or may not) arrive by Xmas🤞 Trip
  2. Hi Susano, I dunno if you found the info you need? As a Triangle owner and someone who has read a bit about these speakers, I would say Triangles in general are regarded as being very much on the analytical/detailed side of the spectrum and definitely not warm. Triangle themselves describe their speakers as 'lively', which I think is also fair and I would add 'luminous' and 'engaging', while noting that one man's 'engaging' is another man's 'fatiguing'. We are all different in the way we listen! Anyway, if you have no plans for any type of EQ (digital or analogue) then I would maybe avoid teaming a triangle esprit with electronics that are regarded as 'clinical'. Good luck🙏🙏 You've also inspired me to post my latest thoughts on setting up Triangles, which I'll do shortly, even if nobody actually reads such posts😃
  3. A modest tipple tonight, quite a nice bright flavour to it nonetheless.
  4. I take it that you like Moutai😃 Isn't this one at the very top $$$ of their range?
  5. NEIPA testing continues🧐 Hope brewery still out in front, though an honourary mention for West City.
  6. Maybe I'm missing the thread here, but are you good mates with a French Armagnac producer? ... and can we put in our orders now?😃
  7. A lovely NSW beer, more importantly it's a thumbs up from Mrs Trip💜
  8. Wow!! Any thoughts on how this one is travelling?
  9. I read on Reddit (that unimpeachable source😃) that Tidal Exclusive works by disabling any upsampling (eg to 48kHz) within the source device and locks the signal to 44.1. Of course your dac will be fine with this but perhaps it's having an odd effect within your Surface Pro which is more accustomed to handling signals at 48? Just a thought, I am definitely no expert.
  10. Assuming that isn't you own collection, I'm still thinking you might not be too far behind in numbers of bottles...
  11. You sure have everyone covered when it comes to variety of spirits imbibed in a given week and now you're running two at once😳👏
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