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  1. Item: Speaker Grills Price Range: TBC Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Wondering if anyone has a pair lying around for whatever reason, before I consider making a pair. Ideally someone in the SE of Melbourne. Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can delete this text before pressing Submit).
  2. Ordered the bucket, cement and some legs from Bunnings today. Hopefully kick it off next week. Now on the hunt for a plate amp and some binding post.
  3. Item: Subwoofer Plate Amp Price Range: Closer to $70 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Looking to build one of those bucket subs and keen to see if anyone locally to the SE of Melbourne has one they would like to move on. Ideally something small, to be able to hide it away as well. This will be used off a standard amp, possibly a Rega brio to start off with. So speaker in/out is preferred. Open to suggestions as always. Thank you. Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can delete this text before pressing Submit).
  4. Haha. Must be my phone and the brightness I have it on. 😅 Either way, it’s not black and looks like a nice neat job too! Would be nice to see it all once you are done. And for the record, if the pink matched my place I would go with it.
  5. Nicely done Ant! Love the pink! Nice to see someone stepping away from the standard colours. Don’t get me wrong, love my black grills. But these work. For me atleast. Cheers Keith
  6. Thanks Cazzesman for the recommendations. Will have a look at the add ons and the subscription when I get to redoing mine, as it seems it is time for an update now. Can I ask if you do use a VPN for this as well? Thank you
  7. Not as yet to be honest, bit of life and another speaker project have had me sidetracked. I did look up some amp plates last night after your post (thank you😁) and it seems cheaper gutting a second hand sub… just can’t seem to justify doing that right now. What I may do next however is to start the build and then work out the plate once done as that would just be a wiring gig.
  8. Hey Ant, Curious to know which way you went as I “should” start working on my next set of vintage speakers. Cheers Keith
  9. Hey Cazzesman! I too have used Kodi since the days it was on the original Xbox. Still have the Xbox which I got “modded” at Caribbean gardens (here in Melbourne) back in the day. It’s till rockin! Not Caribbean gardens unfortunately 😁. I have never used a paid subscription for it and have been curious now to trial it out. I used oath over the weekend as my son and I have started watching some classic movies and went down the Madmax path last weekend. Nice and smooth, clear sound and audio. Hard to find stuff that is not on your standard Netflix sometimes. My 13 year old son was given a raspberry pi recently and he was doing the addons for his PI. So, agreed it is easy to get up and running and plenty of instructions online to get someone up and running. It will be easier for someone with a PC attached as well to their media. Highly recommend the PI path, I have one dedicated for my amp and the other for my TV. Cheers Keith
  10. Hello all, This post has got me considering making a bucket sub (not to be confused with a similar worded past time) with a woofer I picked up recently. Has anyone got thoughts on a plate amp best used for this? Seems like there are a few that can be picked up closer to the $70 mark, similar to this and possibly small and fairly compact one like these is what I am considering. Clearly the end aesthetics of this is not great, hence something simple and maybe enclosed would be great! If anyone has one locally to the SE of Melbourne, they would like to move on that would be great too. The woofer I have seems be a generic 10 inch woofer and really trying to keep the budget nice and low on this. Aim is to get something usable with the speakers I worked on recently and try this bucket sub build out. Thank you everyone in advance.
  11. Got some of it assembled on Sunday with my son and then finished the rest off today. Hooked it up and it sounds alright and looks better than what it was when I picked it up, IMO. I would definitely need a sub for these, however the mids and highs are pretty decent, possibly a bit too bright. They will begin duties in my sons room, once I have given them a good listen to. 😁
  12. Yup! 16ohm woofer. I noticed you had one too @THOMO Have you matched these with 16ohm woofers as well then? Looks like I may have found my reason to jump into valve amps. Assuming then that adding any power amps be it Class AB/D or any other will not yield enough for these?
  13. I was concerned that I would have to look at a different amp for these speakers. Really not wanting to go down that path for now, (the Osborn does look good though) however thank you for the recommendation. If I do decide to try another amp I will look into valves as I do like the look and what I have heard of them.
  14. Thank you. It does seem likely I would need to get a different amp to drive these speakers. In the interim I will look at some power amps, especially if I can pick something up relatively cheap. I have also had a local member offer me one to trial once lockdown is done, just to see if a power amp would assist. Would be great to hear from other members with similar speakers and what they have had success with.
  15. Yes they are vintage Clones. Good pick up! My amp has no issues driving the other speakers I have, bookies/Floorstands. These however… Does seem to lack enough to drive them. The tweeters are 075 Bullet tweeters and the drivers are D123’s with the N2400 crossover. Starting to wonder if I need to work the other way and look for an amp to match them.
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