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  1. So far I've bought a set of HD600s from the classifieds, but haven't loved them on the Topping A90 I've been using. I'm still contemplating buying a Bottlehead Crack Kit and teaching myself how to solder to see if an OTL tube amp improves my opinion of the Sennheisers, and I also have some planar magnetic headphones in the post. More on those when they arrive. I have a separate thread in the headphone section I update as I go, if it's of interest. 😊
  2. I can't comment on speaker synergy - but I can say that the Rotel 15 series are sturdy, reliable things that never offend, and always do what they're told. The lockdown thing is difficult. Unfortunately Rotel resale value isn't great, mainly because they aren't a sought after or prestigious brand, so if you don't like it you'll probably cop a loss moving it on. I'd chat to the various sellers and see what they're willing to do.
  3. Haven't listened to this myself yet, but might tell you a bit more:
  4. https://addictedtoaudio.com.au/collections/schiit-audio/products/schiit-audio-asgard-3-headphone-amplifier Edit: Tried twice now to get that to be a link, but it doesn't want to take for some reason.
  5. Looking at the tube markings I'd say 1st. 2nd went to 12v from my understanding?
  6. Oh, another speaker that might work: https://www.audiotrends.com.au/wharfedale-evo4-1-speakers-white.html Down-firing slot loaded bass port, so it shouldn't be as fussy about placement. Just sneaks within budget on special. Not sure how they sound, though. The bigger ones have a big midrange driver that this one lacks. Looking at the space, I don't see many good options open to you beyond what you've agreed upon. Floorstanders would block the cabinet on both sides and probably block part of the TV on the right from a rhs viewing position.
  7. The KEF are great - I've used Q series stuff for music and TV for years with zero complaints. As with any speaker it depends how loud and at what distance you listen as to what amp will do the job. For this reason, second hand amps are well worth looking at for the best dollars to watts, if watts are what you need. The Monitor Audio are also good, but more rolled off treble and accentuated bass than the KEF. Other cute white speakers in the budget are: Dali Oberon 1 Dynaudio Emit M10 (the old one) Q Acoustics Q3020i
  8. Found some Kallax glass shelves and installed one on this not-a-kallax Bunnings jobby to tidy things up. I guess this is Kallax-fi Darko bangs on about. Hope to get a NUC and a compact CDP like a Cyrus to install in the adjacent shelf and free up some space for a little headphone tree or something up top. Also still toying with the idea of a tube amp for the HD600s. Will need to have a listen at A2A whenever that is next possible. They don't stock OTL amps, but I'll see what the WA6 is like and extrapolate.
  9. Small update: spending more time with the HD600, I have found that I may have been starving them of power. The medium gain switch on the A90 is where they seem to want to be - everything tightens up vs low gain mode. Still not blowing my mind, but they've shifted from "what the hell is this?" to "this is perfectly acceptable".
  10. I agree, although I think a cheapened mass market version is probably the better bet - 67 people get their exclusivity jollies, the rest get most of the performance without the wood trim or what have you.
  11. While the at it, here's old faithful. Comfortable, able to find all the violins other headphones miss and shove them right in your face. Not exactly high fidelity, but solid. And comfortable.
  12. A few interesting tid-bits. Firstly, these arrived from @peppy. Shure SRH1540. They're for my wife so I can get my old ATs back, but of course I've had a listen. Nice dollop of bass and a relaxed treble - very nice. Not sleepy, but not anything you'd call bite. That suits my wife just fine (you should have seen the face she pulled at the DT770s after a 30s trial - stuck her lower lip out as far as it would go and shook her head, saying 'no' in a tone that implied 'and I don't understand why anyone would'). You might've notice the non-standard headband setup, and for that I have to thank @Carl Perkins for his sage advice. Both my wife and I found the 1540 aurally pleasant, but ergonomically a bit of a hotspot generator. Carl had (in another thread) recommended the headband pad from a Sennheiser HD280 Pro to add cushioning, and while I thought that a bit of a weird pairing, I figured it was better to try it than move on an otherwise nice set of cans. Lo and behold, it fits perfectly. It's a bit fiddly, but the pad snaps together and that's that. No 3m, no zip ties, no glue. Bam. Small aside: any headphone Tyll reviewed as comfortable in the Inner Fidelity days I have found to be terrible, which is why his canning of every AT headphone with the wing system used to annoy me. Some of us have pointy heads!
  13. Ha. Nice. I mean, I already had this kicking around, but seeing as it's expensive to get another, that's not a bad alternative.
  14. Quick A90 accessory note: this 760g record weight helps hold the damn thing still when plugging and unplugging headphones. Ideally I need a second one to fully secure it, but I may have to move it off the CD player if I do - don't want to bend the top cover down into the transport mech!
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