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  1. It looks like it comes with pre outs. 2 x RCA and problem solved.
  2. The opposite at my place as well. HiFi is unremovable. Of course furniture/stands had to be modify and closed headphones are used more often. But... Happy husband, happy family. Not the other way around.
  3. It's better to have overkill system than not good enough. It lost value the moment you left shop. It doesn't make sense to sell it. Saying that, soundbar can be a great option for small rooms. I think soundbar is also great option if majority of time we spend on listening to dedicated stereo system.
  4. focal Kanta no1 Monitor Audio platinum PMC 25.22i Hulgihaudio Nina M8audio sweet maxwell But with high quality speakers you need some room treatment, carpet on the floor in front of speakers to start with.
  5. I think it's time to enjoy your system for a few months before spending any more money.
  6. Set up position of subwoofers by crawling method. Get umik + REW, there are tutorials on youtube of how to set up crossovers with REW measurements. It might happen that the better subwoofer will be enough. Most of the time 2 subs are better but it usually means 2 identical subs.
  7. For a maximum detail/clarity you might want to try Rega ( class AB amp, can be too hot sometimes), Primare i25 (class D, very neutral, can be too clinical sometimes), March audio power amp + stereo coffee preamp or Topping pre90 ( similar to Primare for less or better depends on particular amp).
  8. Subwoofer, unless you can get floorstanders.
  9. Master Jedi reviewer he's not but he's got few points right.
  10. If you need it mostly for music than Rel T 7i is on sale. You might get a good deal.
  11. What do you mean exactly? I agree with that guy 100%. I have never ever heard that Rel and Svs are the same. The usual complain about Rel is that it's expensive (power/driver size/price ratio). There is never complain about integration like with many other brands.
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