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  1. Further information: Clearing out some space. Plenty of reviews online. Made in Denmark. Have been used in both 2 Channel set up and a home cinema. Have powered them with a variety of receivers and amps with little fuss. No issues apart from a few marks on the finish (please see photos) Power Handling 150W - 200W Weight 16kg Number of speakers: 4 Impedance: 4 Sensitivity: (dB/W/m): 90.0 Photos:
  2. Hi John, Please let me know if you go down the path of separating. I’m interested in the arm + cart.
  3. Item: LINN tonearm - Akito or Ittok Price Range: Neg Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Looking for a LINN tonearm in good condition, for my entry into the world of LP12. Happy to consider other options and suggestions too. Thank you
  4. Hi, just a couple of quick q’s - what is the reason for sale? Is this the same one that came up last week? Edit: my mistake, I see you are upgrading Thank you.
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