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  1. I guess I want to know what the possibilities are as it relates to good sound on a budget. My ears were good enough to appreciate the jump to a nad amp and nice speakers from an all in one sharp system. But I’m not sure they’re good enough to appreciate further enhancements. Thanks for your recommendation, could you advise if any amps that might fit the bill? I listen to blues and soul primarily.
  2. Hi all Just wondering what would be the next best step for my audio set-up, I currently have a NAD C315BEE, which is 40w, an audio gd DAC and Dali Lektor 2 bookshelf speakers. For sources I have a Rega Planar 2 and an old MacBook. I’m very happy with my sound but wondering if I could make it better with the addition of better gear. I was thinking a small sealed sub or maybe a new amp. Can you guys offer advice on which way next? My budget is about $1000 Thanks
  3. I’ll keep my eye out for an EOFY sale
  4. Anyone have thoughts on Wharfdale, Jamo and/or Polk subs?
  5. This is in Vic, only $50 https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/373615706691?hash=item56fd3b4243:g:0PcAAOSwphxgyIP4
  6. Just worried the 12 inch might be a little boomy or slow. Do you know if stores allow customers to trial speakers at home here?
  7. Hi all, I'm look for recommendations for a musical subwoofer that's 8" or 10" in a sealed enclosure. My budget is about $1000. It's for a small living room. Any help appreciated
  8. Are there any good knowledge sources to learn about the in and outs of hi-fi for beginners? I find most of the talk on this forum too advanced to comprehend.
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