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  1. Hey Mike, Best to avoid the evangelicals on both sides and try for yourself. I agree that buying a few things from these classifieds will let you try out and make your own decisions, because you’re the one listening. Buying secondhand and reselling is the cheapest way to find out for yourself. If you try them and find no difference then great, you’ve saved yourself some money. If you try them and think they are an improvement then you’ll be enjoying that. If you try them and think they’re not better or worse, just different, then you’ve got a decision to make on whether or no
  2. For me the moment has almost arrived. We recently purchased our last home - the one well retire in. I’ve got a terrific room and speakers that suit it wonderfully well. I can shift between digital and analogue sources and it’s really well balanced so I’m not wondering what if when I swap between them. The music I listen to is produced in such a way that I’m listening to expression and not soundstages and the like. I’m saving for a power amp that will last me until retirement and I’ll be stoked. Future purchases aside from that will be if something fails or is no longer supported in the digital
  3. Item: Isotek C7 power cable any model Price Range: Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: I need an Isotek C7 (figure 8 )power cable to complete my system set up. Any model is fine. cheers.
  4. Update: added an Isotek Sequel to the Zen 3 a week ago. Really happy with the gains in calmness, dynamic range and soundstage depth. It sounds less congested and as a result you can hear each musician’s contribution much more. It’s more involving to listen to.
  5. Item: Isotek with C7 Price Range: open Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: I’m after an EVO3 Premier or higher up the range in a C7 (figure 8) termination. Thanks Mick.
  6. CD ripping is going well, too. Obviously it handled pop and jazz easily, but it’s also dealt perfectly (so far) with multi-disc multi-artist classical recordings. This is in some part thanks to attaching itself to discogs. Editing of metadata is the easiest I’ve encountered.
  7. Hi again everyone My Zen Mk3 is happily ensconced in my temporary listening corner (about to move house). A week in and it’s sounding terrific. The web based access is flawless and intuitive, and iPeng is doing the job until innuOS2.0 is released. I should’ve joined the streaming revolution sooner.
  8. Hi All I’m keen on a Cardas USB. Anyone? Mick
  9. I have these identical speakers (correct about Oak - I bought mine from a retailer in England). They’re magnificent and my experience is that the PMC stands are better than cheaper alternatives. A terrific set up. Speaker and stands together were $6,000 retail new. GLWTS
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