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  1. Hi I have AU 717 and TU 717 with rack handles. AU 717 has been serviced including clean and necessary caps about 3 years ago by the factory audio canberra which is where I am. Looking for $1200 plus post, will provide more info if interested. Cheers Bruce
  2. Hi Wondering if you've found one yet. I have an AU 717 and matching TU 717 with rack handles. AU 717 has been serviced about 3 years ago (will confirm actual date) including caps. Looking for $1200 plus freight from Canberra for both. Will provide more info if there is interest. Cheers Bruce
  3. HiWondering if you have found one of these. I have an AU 717 and a TU 717 both with rack mount handles. Serviced including caps within the last 3 years (will confirm date) by the factory audio in Canberra which is where I am. Looking for $1200 plus postage for both. Let me know if you want pics or more info. Cheers Bruce
  4. Further information: Excellent condition, small cosmetic mark rear top panel.
  5. Can I ask how you came into possession of two of these for sale and this one is so new….
  6. No that’s not mine Martyn. Will hasn’t finished it yet so it’s still at his.
  7. Agree I had the face and handles of mine powder coated black so it fitted in, looking at the patina on this I kind of wished I had left it au natural.
  8. Amazing how things come up in batches. Will (Bill) is finishing one of these for me at the moment at much greater expense than this. Grab it while it’s here.
  9. I think he said you end up with the first 50 watts rms class A. Looking forward to hearing it in my system.
  10. Will Crampton would be able to get it singing with little fuss. He’s just about finished rebuilding one for me.
  11. Hey Bill Sorry to hear you have to go through this, take it easy and make as therapy, not to fulfill all the orders. Best Bruce
  12. Hope the day goes smoothly, and you and your family(s) thoroughly enjoy the very special day. Best Bruce
  13. This is a bargain. Can’t believe how affordable they are
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