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  1. Item:Parasound A21/A21+ Price Range: Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  2. Gday, does anyone know if the 4k box set true 4k? Cheers
  3. I really thought they were certified. The Dtech isnt either, upon inspection.
  4. The copper hdmi is a Selby cable. Certified. 5m in length.
  5. Gday everyone, well I took some advice, and simplified my setup. One copper hdmi cable from Oppo to Denon, and a fibre optic hdmi cable from Denon to TV. Everything was fine, and then, the dreaded loss of signal notification. I have the fibre optic connected in the correct direction. The cable is only 5m long, so it cant be a loss of transmission strength?? Am I missing something in the setup menu of either the Oppo or the Denon?? Could it be a dodgy cable?? Getting Frustrated..... 😡 Cheers Andrew
  6. Maybe I could use the fibreoptic coming from the AVR going to the TV. cheers Andrew
  7. Betty Boop, you really sound like you're clued up about all of this. Think I'll take your advice, and simplify my setup. I really thought I was doing the best, setup wise. The audio cable is a 4k copoer HDMI cable. Thankyou for your expertise. Cheers Andrew
  8. Denon AVR4500 LG OLED C9 Fibreoptic directional yes In the 205 manual, Oppo do say one cable for audio and one for display, is a good choice. Under a certain length, cables dont have to be active.
  9. The cable is fibre optic only, not active, and 5m. Oppo recommend two cables as a better connection. The setup is Denon AVR, OPPO 205,LG oled. The signal dropout is sporadic
  10. Further information:Discs are in absolute mint condition. Never played. Item is no longer available, so very collectible. Packaging was slightly damaged in transit, but barely noticeable. Discs in Absolute Mint Condition. Sold Pending Payment.... Volume One of Octave Records Audiophile Masters contains ten of the best recordings we have ever made. From the beautiful piano stylings of Don Grusin, the rich and fiery guitar work of Kyle Donovan and Taylor Sims, the soul-searching beauty of Cellist Josh Halpern’s bowing, to the ethereal beauty of Saffron from The Col
  11. So, are consumer electronics, hifi etc, not compatible with fibre optic cable? Are they only useful with computers? Cheers Andrew
  12. Gday Andy, when you say converters, can you explain that a bit more. Im confused, I would think the hdmi connectors would be the same, either fibre optic or standard hdmi cable. The 205 or LG wouldn't notice the difference, I would imagine. Cheers Andrew
  13. If I cant sort the issue out with the fibre optic, then I will revert back to that. But, fibre optic is purported to be better than normal hdmi cable...
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