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  1. Do you know which class d modules are used? I’m also assuming chamila used linear supplies, or is it a switch mode?
  2. just leave it in the old house - you'll still be able to hear it! ?
  3. @delphi17 a car automotive wrap will make these black and red for a negligible cost. The regular Kiis in my lounge room are great so if you're tempted, then do it!!
  4. Further information: I'm putting up for sale one of the classic single-ended, Class-A, OTL headphone amplifiers - my wife renovated our office and there isn't space for it any more, plus these days with kids I don't get much time for headphones. For anyone not familiar with these - some quick googling and you'll see that for many people this is an endgame pairing for higher impedance phones such as HD650, HD800(s), Grados or a Focal Utopia. It uses two 6C33C-B tubes (one per channel), a 6SL7 input tube and two 6DM4A damper diodes (according to aforementioned google)
  5. March audio offers a two week satisfaction guarantee period from when they are delivered. Perfect to try them out it would seem.
  6. I see you’re in Perth - I have an old iPhone 5 in a drawer which you’re welcome to use for as long as required
  7. Thanks guys - now you're all making me second guess myself whether I should keep it! But then the head says that I'm not using it enough
  8. @HelloYellowVolvo you’ve had a further 16 hours to come up with that convincing reason...?
  9. Further information: great little Roon endpoint or high quality streamer. Updated to the latest software and ready to go. I bought this as a combo from @Raffinator a couple of years ago who sourced the low noise Geiseler linear power supply and (I think) had the Aries from new. works flawlessly, just with kids and life in general I don’t use this very often, so it’s time to pass it on to someone who can make the most of it. Happy to audition to anyone in Perth now that the restrictions have been lifted, or can post it (linear power supply is heavy tho
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