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  1. Still looking for this beauty.
  2. Still looking, want to see if it improves the music coming from my NUC.
  3. Still looking. Was about to buy one from Italy but most likely was a scam...phew.
  4. Still looking for one. Thanks.
  5. Still on the lookout for one of these. 😎
  6. Hey @blakey72!!! How have you been? The Plinius looks beautiful. Hopefully one day I can join the Plinius family. I'm still spirting the cambridge.
  7. Item: Sbooster MKII 18V-19V PSU Price Range: Depends on condition, up to $430 Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Can pickup in Melb and surrounds or arrange postage.
  8. Item: Plinius 9200 with XLR inputs Price Range: depends on condition Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Can pickup in Melb and surrounds or arrange postage.
  9. Thx, did a search and watched a video. ? It was in OS and sharp filter mode. I generally like slow filters. Looks like more AB testing lol
  10. Yeah, I'm going to remain greedy. 2nd system = divorce ? NOS mode @MattyW????
  11. I thought I was going to let it go after comparing for a few weeks.....but the vocals are just too good. Gross for instruments. Good luck with search! Dacman is good new option.
  12. The slide is a slippery beast. I got a denafrips from a fellow member........I was planning to just do some testing and comparing for a few weeks and then put it back into the SNA pool. But it's so good and I can't let go of either. I've found my speakers too. It was a lot more than budgeted for. I got a pair of used PMCs for ok price.
  13. Conducted blind tests on my family today using these 2 DACs. Taught my daughter how to swap between DACs safely and had some fun being blind tested myself. Gross may be a few years old but with the Kraftwerk power supply and driving via USB, it's said to be still close to even the Kompakt recently released. The Ares II is the newer model. I got them for similar money so thought it's a worthy test of a good DAC chip vs a ladder R2R solution. May not be an exhaustive blind test but the tester chose the order to test the two DACs for each song, the person being tested on d
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