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  1. 40kg rating : https://shelvingshop.com.au/shop/shelving-kits/quality-shelving-kits/shelf-slotshelf-kit-8/
  2. Purchased brand new with the intent of doing the whole DSP thing but never got the time. Photos:
  3. ah ok ! is this one working ie is it recording and playing back? my father had one and when I was a kid and he was out of the house at work my mother taught me how to use it ....so many memories it would bring back now that my father has passed away ... I have been after one of these for ever and I would like to play the music he used to play on his Sharp RD-708 so as to bring joy to my sick mother .
  4. Is this the same unit that was sold on barnebys last year ...I wanted to buy it but someone beat me to it on the auction on rkta ...so have you managed to get it working ?? Interested if you did fix it or if it can definitely get working.....
  5. Great unit - tried many amps/dacs to use in my bedroom and this beats them all - works great with various HPs .
  6. Aha just realized that you are selling it all so no need to reply.
  7. Love to find you what the gear it is that you want to learn about so we can help .....
  8. Been using Tidal for 2 years and no problems and love the way I can listen to new music ===== much more choice than I have to time to check out in all genres and I pay half price for high res thanks to the academic discount
  9. @AuDrew Most things that taste good will taste that little bit better with a pinch of salt, a natural flavour enhancer ..so in your opinion what Fremmer says must be good and even better when you add a pinch of salt
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