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  1. Just piping in, I have been obsessed with the STALKER franchise since the original came out. Half the fun was getting the prick of a game to work all bloated up with mods I’m considering buying the new Xbox specifically because STALKER 2 has been announced as a Microsoft exclusive- I don’t want to go back down the gaming PC rabbit hole again. Oblivion Lost was a brutal mod, Lost Alpha was really cool too being the unpublished original content. I ended up modding the original to a real ‘survival’ style game- one shot kills and absolutely brutal everything. It was a bleak experience! Cool to see this game still gets love. edit: just remembering, that last mod was then ‘Misery’ mod- appropriate title too.
  2. I’d be seriously considering those! Couldn’t go wrong with either.
  3. Side note: I forgot to mention I have sold all of my peripheral components. As such an audition is technically possible however an amp and DAC would need to be brought along by the buyer.
  4. Have you considered Neumann or Genelec? They both make studio monitors for near field listening, exactly your situation. They’re widely considered some of the best value on the market. You should be able to find a set of Genelec 8030c’s or Neumann KH80’s second hand somewhere within your budget. edit edit: … no forums before coffee. The Pioneers mentioned are great too!
  5. Yep exactly, I don’t know if they ship with the required cables or not. There’s a few different models for different connections, some are RCA for example while others are XLR out.
  6. Really simply it’s just a small box you add into your audio chain. It can/should be bought with a small microphone. Basically you hook the MiniDSP up, connect the microphone and run the calibration software. The program tells you where to place the microphone in the room while it runs test tones through your speakers. The tones are picked up through the microphone and tell the MiniDSP how your room is affecting sound. For instance your room might cause a dip in response at a certain frequency, the MiniDSP can pick that up and make adjustments to compensate. It’s super easy, the software guides you the whole way.
  7. You could do a lot worse than that combination. A MiniDSP easily found second hand would add Dirac Live calibration if you ever felt the need. The ATC’s I have not heard, but have always wanted to. Sounds like you’re on the right track!
  8. A great, even simpler suggestion. I’ve done a lot of research into active speakers myself and it will be the direction I take my next system, if and when I have the time and money. So many good options to be had in the active monitor area. Devialet Phantom, Genelec 8341, Neumann KH120, Adam S2v, APS Aeon/Klasik, KEF LS50W II, the Elac’s as mentioned…the list goes on. The fancier Genelec’s even do room correction themselves too now.
  9. I've been looking at soundbars too, after selling off my main system. From what is readily available to us here in Australia the Sennheiser Ambeo seems like the best performer, but it would want to be for that price. Surprisingly though, Samsung has put a lot of R&D into it's soundbars. The department is run by Alan Devantier who is an ex-Harman engineer. Knows his stuff. An interesting video I stumbled across in relation to their soundbar products;
  10. ITEM SPECIFICS 1. Wyndham Audio BR2 2.5 way speakers It hurts to let these go, the speakers that started it all. I purchase these beautiful towers brand new in 2017. They retail today for $5,950 and they would still be a bargain at that price. They are that good. The BR2’s are gorgeous 2.5 way towers, hand made by the legends at Wyndham audio in Victoria. They’re a black veneer finish and are in pristine condition thanks to a (previously) child and pet free home. The subdued black colourway with visible wood grain compliments any living room and they’ll struggle to be out of place wherever they end up. I reviewed these speakers after a month or two of ownership in 2017 and everything I said then still applies now. There’s really not much more I can add in terms of how these amazing speakers sound. They have, if anything, only improved with further listening. The next owner will not be disappointed. Unfortunately with our current situation I can’t afford to keep them, or I’d never see them go. In any case, ‘little people’ just don’t respect the finer things in life and it’s only a matter of time until one of these beauties gets toppled, drawn on or scratched. I’d hate to see that happen, so better that they go to a home where they’ll be safe. Specifications: Nominal Impedance: 8 ohm DC Resistance: 6 ohms Power Handling: 100W RMS Sensitivity: 89dB (2.83V @ 1m) Low Frequency Cutoff: 42Hz (-3dB) High Frequency Cutoff: 23Khz (-3dB) Crossover: 4th order Linkwitz-Riley @ 2500Hz (Acoustically optimised) Weight: 26kg per enclosure Dimensions: 250 [W] 360 [D] 1050 [H] (mm) Bases, spikes and grille cloths included. As they stand: Awesome low sheen black finish: Close up of tweeter unit: Upon delivery: The Cyclops, Mimby and BR2’s working in the media room:
  11. Hey mate, I’ll throw my two cents in. It really depends what you’re looking for. Your room is pretty small- similar to my first listening room when I got into the hobby. I learned a few things and while the equipment I bought was amazing I would approach the equation differently this time around, especially in relation to how the room will affect the sound. There was also the other major thing I didn’t account for, Wife Approval Factor. It’s great to have an awesome system but not so great when you can’t hear it over your better half complaining she can’t squeeze the vacuum cleaner head around the towers. If I had my time again I would incorporate some element of DSP into the system from the get go. You get the most out of your equipment from the beginning that way. I also got really tired of a bird’s nest of cables and did a lot of research into single box amp, DAC and DSP solutions. There are quite a few good options in that category now, Lyngdorf, Anthem, Naim, NAD etc. DSP and room correction is as simple as a few button clicks on those. As for speakers it comes down to personal preference. Are you adding a sub? That changes the equation a lot too. My advice would be buy the best speakers you can afford, see how you go and allow for the possibility of a sub upgrade in the future. In a room like yours you may get away without the sub, I did- but my towers went pretty low. All of those ‘one box’ amps will have some sort of LFE out or sub integration if that’s the way you go. Lastly it’s worth mentioning that there’s a hundred ways to skin this cat. I lean to the utilitarian and practical side- even the fanciest set of speakers and components won’t un-**** your room, nor will they mitigate the damage you’ve already done to your own hearing over the years you’ve been alive. Is it wise to spend thousands of extra dollars for slightly better performance, which may or may not be perceptible? Only you can say in the end, it’s your money and this is all subjective. Other people will feel differently, they’re more passionate and that’s not to say any less informed- just different with different priorities and opinions. There are no best speakers, there’s what’s best for you- that might mean best value, best looking, best sounding, most functional or most practical. It’s hard for other people to say what you will think is the best without reducing these things to numbers and stats, which might ruffle feathers around here. A speaker might measure really well, but that doesn’t mean you and I will agree that it sounds good. It’s down to preference. If you want bang for your buck, check the classifieds out and see what’s going. You’ll save a lot buying pre-loved and there’s the potential to score a set of towers in a price point way above what you’d be able to afford new. Be patient, see what’s out there and research interesting options as they pop up. There’s plenty of people like myself who have to part ways with beloved bits of gear due to life’s circumstances- you’d be silly not to take advantage of that in my opinion. I myself went with an Aussie speaker builder and was really impressed versus other more well known brands. It’s my view that there are so few speaker builders in Australia that you have to be pretty good to stick around. They’d be found out and roasted on Stereo.net otherwise! Perhaps if you go into a little more detail about what you already like, what sort of sound you’re looking for or features you want, the community could be more helpful. Best of luck, remember to enjoy this hobby! Half the fun is in the building.
  12. Update; auditions are still possible, but buyers will now have to bring along an amp and DAC as I no longer have either.
  13. I stumbled across an old Monarch 5500 on Marketplace, don’t know anything about them but figured someone might be interested.
  14. I appreciate that! I’m sure there will be another chance to own a couple beauties like these again one day.
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