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  1. Sure, would send this safely packed, insured and with tracking number. Cheers Chris
  2. Further information: Sennheiser HD 650 used but in very good condition. This is a very nice headphone. I have replaced the soft foam a couple of years ago and they are like new (refer to the photos). There is only one mark on the headphone where the colour has come off. Don't get put off by the looks of the outer box. It only looks a bit shabby because the inner box with the headphones in it were always protected by it. PM me if you are interested. Photos: PLEASE READ If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item If you don't include photographs of the actual item being sold, your ad will not be approved You understand that a reasonable donation for selling fees is expected upon successful sale of your item - if you have previously sold items and not made a donation, your advertisement may not be approved.
  3. I took the plunge and ordered the Musical Fidelity M6si and will report back when it has arrived....
  4. That looks indeed interesting. I have never heard a HD800 or HD800S and not sure what the treble issue sounds. Thanks, will have a look there Thanks, too, will check them out.
  5. Hi everybody, I want to upgrade my HD650 to a HD800 S but don't know a good, reliable, Australian online shop to do this. Thanks in advance
  6. Thanks again for all your thoughts and pointing me to some amplifiers of interest :-) Space-wise (means where I can put it), a integrated would be fine, however, pre/power is nice of course and due to the separate layout and power supplies there is some advantage in the sound quality as I have read. Budget, well, I would think in the $5000 range is probably realistic if I want something better than the A220. The biggest challenge is to hear the amplifier with my set-up at home. It does not help if it is not making a positive difference at home. A good start, however, is to hear it at a dealers place first. If you know some trustworthy dealers in or around of Brisbane who gives me a bit time and patience for testing, this would be great. Thanks, they look very good.
  7. Thanks for linking this post, I totally forgot this one. Yes, I am a bit vague as I don't know really much about those speakers other than the engineer designing them mentioned once that they like lots of watts to perform well and to drive those massive magnets in the drivers. I also assume that they are quite efficient since 3 watt delivers 91 phone. As the sticker on the back is not mentioning 2 ohms, only 4 and 8, I assume they are happy in that range. The weakness, I believe, is that the A220 is a bit too weak when higher volume=watts are requested. The speakers start to be a bit sharp in the high frequencies like female vocals and strings when playing loud. They are very nice with quieter music like chamber music, piano, jazz. I like the speakers as they have a mind-blowing phantom image and are very analytic and detailed. I also have to mention, that my listening room is a odd shape (which is perhaps good for reflections) but has tiles and windows/glass doors a lot... I chose SE QLD as I think there are a lot of good HiFi dealer north and south of Brisbane along the coast. Thanks in advance
  8. The speakers are 3 way speakers, passive with very strong drivers which according to the engineer who designed and build them stated that they need a fast powerful amplifier. The speakers are not build anymore and seem to be outdated in their technology, however, I am not willing to replace them 🙂. They have been refurbished recently. Some principles which are incorporated in their design below might help to give an idea what amplifier they would need. Apparently they can tolerate 90watts/4 ohms and 120W/8 ohms, the magnets in the drivers are extremely powerful to provide a very powerful signal response Frequency Response - all frequencies should be the same volume (range 2dB) when on same voltage Transmission Range - in the daily use only the linear part is interesting and should at least cover 50 to 20000 Hz Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) - THDs which occur as a side effect should be below 1% Intermodulation - New frequencies which develop through accumulation and subtraction should be kept below 1% Doppler Effect - Wailing sounds caused by the bass drivers membrane are reduced by lower takeover threshold for the bass drivers Phase Response - The mass of the mechanical parts, the electronics in the crossover, the position of the drivers in the chassis can lead to cause lagging of the accustic signal behind the electrical signal. The aim is to keep the delay constant to reduce the phase response Impulse Response - The drivers have to be extremely responsive to follow the electrical signal immediately Dispersion Range - The range has to be wide enough to ensure there are no blind spots in the listening room Crossover - All used parts have to be optimized as minimal deviations will lead to enormous distortions of the sound Impedance Response - Should be flat as peaks increases the electrical resistance to a point where no voltage is flowing to the drivers anymore Self Resonance - Should be as low as possible and best below 60Hz Efficiency - All drivers have to act with the same efficiency to voltage changes to produce a linear frequency response Operational Performance - Should be maximal 3 watts for 91 phon filtered pink noise signal in 1 metre microphone distance to ensure enough volume can be delivered Mechanical Distortions - With help of stroboscope light all loudspeaker parts are optimized so they do not distort or produce background noise Case Stability - With accelerometers the case is optimized to keep resonances under control Thanks in advance
  9. Hi All, I am intending to upgrade my Musical Fidelity A220 which is a fine amplifier, however... 🤔 The new amplifier should clearly punch above the A220 capabilities in both musicality and power-wise, perhaps above 150 watts per channel at 8 ohm. I like warm sound in classical music, so anything that can make strings and female vocals sound not harsh would be fantastic. Another thing when buying a new high-end amplifier is of course the possibility to try it at home. If anybody knows a dealer in the SE-Queensland region who is willing to let me hear the amplifier at home, that would be fantastic. Thanks for your thoughts in advance
  10. Thanks for all the input. As I said before I am in the 0 and 1 group who understands the logic of digital information is either there or not and nothing between. But many say here that changing something in the digital sound chain changes the sound. How can this be if the clock of my DAC is correcting everything and re-reads the data if there is a loss? I mean, following the logic of the pure 0 and 1, there should be absolutely no difference in whatever you do in the digital sound chain till the 0 and 1 enter the DAC and the signal becomes analog... At the moment the COVID makes it difficult to hold a hearing test here in my audio club since 12/19 when I first was thinking about testing this SD Card thing... Thanks again and cheers
  11. Hi everybody, I revive this old topic I started a couple of years ago since it still baffles me after using different SD-Cards and they sound different to me. Now, before somebody declares me crazy, I have to say that I am a very rational person. I am strongly in the 0 and 1 camp, believe in error correction and clock synchronization and master clocks and eliminating jitter etc etc..., with other words, if the digital information is lost it will be re-read and then processed, if this is not possible then it clearly crackles... This is the rule for everything in the digital sound chain till it is converted in a DAC and then when it becomes an analog signal things look different. So this out of the way: I have seen differences over the years in using different laptops, netbooks and raspsberry pis and all made a difference in the sound. So how, I am asking, can this be if there is no change in the quality of sound since all 0 and 1 are treated equally? My sound chain has never changed during those times, except RPI 3/4, Laptop, netbook connected over the years -> same cheap USB cable -> same highend DAC -> same highend amplifier -> same highend loudspeaker in the same room. Now to the SD Cards: due to the lifespan of SD Cards in the RPIs and trying different sound server software like Moode or Volumio I came across the issue that SD Cards sound different even when installed the same Moode version. Sorry to say, seeing all those differences in sound quality in the digital sound chain, where can it be that all 0 and 1 are equal?
  12. Hi Peter, thanks for sharing your experience. I was a long time Volumio user and indeed, I updated my Volumio without using a new install and experienced a worsening of sound quality. I used MoOde a while ago when I still had to compile it due to GPL reasons and was more impressed by the Volumio sound back then. For me Volumio ended up having a annoying sharpness in the strings when listening to classical music. Also female voices were just hurting my ears. Also the bass was lacking, eg cello tunes, the stage became flat, the body of eg cellos disappeared, resulting in a very sterile sound with the different instrument personalities in the orchestra almost gone. With MoOde I was immediately blown away how my system came back to perform even better than I had remembered. I agree, the MoOde interface is cumbersome but has a lot of options to tweak all aspects of the system. Cheers
  13. Hi everybody, I came across this over the last couple of updates and I am wondering whether the Volumio project has lost a bit of their sound quality focus over other things like online streaming etc. Have a read there https://forum.volumio.org/volumio-sound-quality-deterioated-over-time-using-updates-t14100.html I personally have moved to MoODE player now and am impressed how much better it sounds like Volumio. This was not the case in the past when I compared both... Cheers
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