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  1. My first set of speakers, hand-me-downs from the old man. Honestly not bad at all for what they are, would be great for a garage setup or for someone building a budget system.
  2. Will take it if still available, can pick up from Cockatoo.
  3. It would be nice if both Perez and Hulkenberg manage to find seats for next year, both too good for an early retirement. Great to see Dan back on the podium, well deserved for the shift he has put in so far this year. Also very much looking forward to the tattoo design haha
  4. I've not heard the Marantz, but I've had the Rotel RCD-855 and can confirm it's an excellent sounding player. It needs around 30min to warm up and sound its best.
  5. This is a stonking bargain for someone looking to get into vinyl.
  6. I think Max's race was done as soon as he lost power off the line, but was definitely unlucky to be collected. That was one hell of a strange race!
  7. % off is calculated off RRP, not the price Selby were selling them for.
  8. Can confirm that Monday 31/08/20 offer is the Vincent PHO-8 phono pre amp in Black.
  9. Hi mate, I'd be keen on this if still available?
  10. I have a Sherwood RX-4209 stereo receiver I might be able to offer for $150. Did a more than good enough job to start me on my hi-fi journey. 100W per channel, a remote that would pretty much work through lead sheet, and a built in MM phono.
  11. If you decide to part out, I may be interested in the platter. Hopefully someone is interested in taking the lot, it's a nice looking deck.
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