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  1. Further information: Bought from here about a year ago, have probably put about 40 hours on them. I enjoyed them more than my Elex-R that I had at the same time. I'd like to keep them, but I don't have speakers anymore and having 3 kids under 5 means there's no time to get any quality listening time in. Would prefer a local buyer - they're heavy. I paid for shipping when I got them, but I don't have a lot of time to pack them securely Here's the previous advertisment: nothing much has changed, but message me if you would like more detail:
  2. Further information: Great amp, lots of positive reviews online. This one is in good condition and was made in 2018. It has a couple of superficial marks on the top from things being placed on top of it. They're in one of the photos: one scratch on the right-hand side and the other closer to the middle. There's a few light scratches on the fascia, but they're hard to see. Apart from that, everything else looks ?. Hasn't missed a beat. No box, but has a remote (average condition) and kettle-cord. Weighs over 10kg, but postage is possible at buyer's expense/risk. If you live wi
  3. Further information: Classic Cyrus Two with the box. Performed back-up duties and it's a sweet little amp. I've always tried to track down a PSX, as I've run a Cyrus 8XPd and a PreXP with a seperate power unit and the difference was night and day... but, alas, could never find one. Now it's time to move it on as it's getting no love, third kid's coming and I'm packing up the family to live somewhere where we're allowed to leave the house and get a haircut. This is the plastic case version without the balance controls. Comes with the box, but no kettle cord as I used an afterm
  4. Further information: Very good condition, had been mainly used as a DAC for a CD transport, and also via USB for streaming digital. The Chordette Qute EX enables decoding at up to 384kHz PCM and DSD 128 over USB. No box or instructions - but the latter is available online. Comes with unit and wall-wart plug. Shipping won't cost a bomb, so I'm happy to cover the cost anywhere in Australia. Two things worth noting: 1) If using via USB, I've been booting my MacBook Pro via a secondary hard drive running Mavericks - the unit not USB 2.0 and Chord sto
  5. I think the confusion comes from the OP saying "Huge Dean", and not Hugh Dean. Amp looks great, though... GLWTS
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