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  1. Thanks @wen that’s a driver I’d never heard of, your pics caught my eye because I thought they looked like the Altronics C2000 I’ve been experimenting with. they share some similarities with the Wild Burro but the cones are even lighter at 7 grams vs the 10 grams of the Burro. something special about a crossoverless design do you know if the wild Burro is still available?
  2. @Yetiman do you want to buy your headphones back? just bought the originals from Yetiman and I’m loving them. If these are the same they are great value at this price GLWS
  3. Minidisc is about an hour from me but we’ll worth the drive for what they offer
  4. Haven’t tried the 770 but the 990 is too hot in the treble for me The 880 is not as bad as the 990 but still a little too bright The 1770 lasted 30 seconds on my head The T5 is much warmer and better balanced than them all in fact on first listen it almost sounds boring but unlike some that sound flashy at first listen they don’t become fatiguing over a long listening session build quality is the same, nothing flashy but very solid and utilitarian
  5. I can’t comment on either the HD820 or the SP2000 but I do have the Kann Alpha and love it. More power than I can ever use with my current 32 ohm cans but I really enjoy the sound of it It’s got more power than the SP2000 so if size isn’t an issue it should be a safe bet
  6. is there detailed planes or are you just using the overall dimension and estimating the port size?
  7. Did you get the flat pack shipped down here? What sort of shipping cost?
  8. That's an interesting thought, Dave - putting a LP filter @ say, 500Hz on 3 of the mid/bass drivers, keeping the current 2800Hz roll-off for the 4th driver. However, I would need a 3rd amplifier channel, each side - and using 3 drivers together, produces a problematic amplifier load (whether 4 or 8 ohm drivers). @andyr could you use passive components to roll off the lower 3 drivers and keep the desired amplifier load?
  9. @andyr ive been experimenting with much cheaper drivers but noticed the magic of a driver in free space. Sure they don’t have much bass response but what is there sounds so natural. can I ask how you went about selecting these particular drivers and what specs made them most suitable? cheers Pete
  10. They look great, what subs handle the bottom end?
  11. During winter I head down to Jindabyne every few weeks so could negotiate deliver anywhere along the route.
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