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  1. Was this the place Andy? https://nirvanasound.com/
  2. Hmm great Andy thanks for that will follow up Any one else have recommendations
  3. Hi there Can someone recommend me a Thorens guru in Melbourne or surrounding areas please? (Even other parts of Oz). need to fix a slanting front control panel, and just check that everything is ok… Thanks!
  4. So very nice 😊 Retro-Thermionic = excellent sonics. buy with confidence.
  5. What the hell is that turntable and cartridge please?
  6. People…have a listen. Great Australian jazzzzz. First class. ✌️
  7. Whoops I just got my unintended double entendre. Hmmmm yikes
  8. Welcome to the thorens family what did you get? And where from ?
  9. I’ll chime in and recommend the JICO 125 s boron cantilever and jico sas fineline stylus, amazingly warm yet clear. Great soundstage. Krautrock sounds fantastic… Around $450. For medium mass arms dare I say it I’m enjoying this more than an ortofon cadenza blue… 😳😱
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