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  1. I clumsily damaged the cantilever and replaced it with the same. It is a temporary fix as I did not want to replace my phono stage and Denon SUT at this stage.
  2. It would be good to catch up. I am still enjoying my Denon turntable and just replaced the cartridge. Digital wise I have just dipped the toe in with a Bluesound 2, so basic but giving me a good introduction.
  3. Hi Chan, Sorry to have missed this. Would like to hear the SP10 MK-3 in operation after seeing it delivered so long ago. Edd
  4. Thanks for this. Interesting to see. You have also recognised I was interested in 'vintage' gear. I have a DP62L (and a DP 1200) Denon turntable with a Denon 103 MC. Current SUT Denon AU320. You can see the theme! I run run a valve pre amp and monoblocks into Yamaha NS1000ms. I was thinking of getting a ART 9 cartridge and had a Stereonet friend come to see my system and have decided to hold off and work on some basics e.g. room, isolation, speaker placement etc. Cheers Edd
  5. I have recently made a set of RG213/U cables and found the outer 'sheath' was silver in colour. Photographs on this site all show a copper outer sheath. I am happy with the outcome but Is this likely to affect the performance?
  6. expat posted this link http://www.thecartridgeman.com/isolator.htm It seemed to show a metallic outer layer. Looking at these photos gives a similar impression.
  7. This spacer looks to be three layers of composite. The middle layer may be a 'foam' material such as divinycel to form a sandwich. The solid carbon sheets linked to may be heavier and behave differently. Easy to experiment though and for such small size cheap to do.
  8. Item: Fidelity Research XF-1 Type M MC Cartridge SUT Price Range: Dependent on condition Item Condition: Good Extra Info:
  9. Thanks for the clarification. It has been suggested that a Meridian 506 CDP would be a good match to the rest of my gear. There are a few other models on ebay at the moment. Being in Perth the AF sparked my interest as an alternative. Which model Meridian do you have?
  10. How does the Audit Flight compare to the Meridian?
  11. If damping is the impact of the mat would internal padding have a similar effect. I have seen this recommended but I did not want to change the original design.
  12. This is my DP 62L. I also have a DP 1200 with a FR cartridge that I bought new. I also use the original AU 320 SUT. I would also be interested in cartridges for both the straight arm and the 'S' shaped arm. Photo from Chanh's post.
  13. I had the pleasure of listening to Chanh’s system today with SteveM, Albert and Andrew. I have only been back into Stereo for the past two years and have found the complexities of servers, computers and DACs a barrier to getting into this digital source. I spoke to Chanh last year and decided to upgrade my CD player and wait before getting into computers as a source and concentrate on my vinyl setup. I thought it was time to have another listen and Chanh kindly invited me to listen to his system. Chanh has a specially built room with fantastic equipment. I was impressed with the sound and especially the clarity and soundstage. The equipment that was used was Chanh’s server, an Accuphase SACD player and Andrew’s Sotm sms-200ultra. I found it a difficult task to compare these and particularly how to articulate the differences playing the same music. I found Chanh’s server and the Accuphase SACD player difficult to differentiate. Both sounded great, bearing in mind the whole system was excellent. I would be happy with either source, from a value perspective the Accuphase SACD player was considerably more expensive. Next Chanh set up Andrew’s Sotm sms-200ultra with direct comparison with the Accuphase SACD player. The difference was more noticeable with more clarity from the Accuphase, although again I found the music of good quality. I would agree with Andrew that this unit was good value. Chanh made some small set up changes with minor difference in the sound. I would be happy to have any of these in my system, although both Chanh’s and Andrew’s servers are still DYI and require some expertise to set up etc. I really enjoyed the Accuphase but this is beyond my budget although re sale value is good (as opposed to the DYI servers). I will continue to watch the developments with interest, and in the mean time enjoy my Denon DP62l turnable the I bought from Chanh!
  14. Dave I would also be keen to have a listen too. Cheers Edd
  15. Glad to hear room is all finished now. Just renovated mine and also have echo!
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