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  1. Partially correct also - these are 601 S3 yes But 600 S3 are not sealed enclosure, they are ported, just the port is at the back.
  2. Just want to say that Russ (the seller) is also a gentleman and a great guy to deal with. The ModWright gear is also built very nicely! I'm sure this will sell fast.
  3. It's likely that there is a minor issue on the meter drive board / meter drive area, I haven't worked on the 2602 but have worked on Yamahas with similar meters (M-45, M-60, M-80) and often there's a few bad solder joints. I'd start by carefully inspecting and resoldering any bad joints on the meter drive board. You'll likely also have some "grain of wheat" type bulbs blown, 12VAC usually.
  4. I think you're correct that they're polyurethane. It's possible the B&W inclusion is 3M "Bumpon" SJ5312 https://multimedia.3m.com/mws/media/117314O/3m-bumpon-protective-products-molded-shapes-colored-and-clear.pdf EDIT - Ended up buying these, they look and feel identical to the factory product, so for anyone searching in future: 3M Bumpon SJ5312 appears to be the correct part. Around $12 for a pack of 56.
  5. Does anyone know which exact 3M product this is? It's the clear silicon(?) rubber feet which come with most Bowers standmount speakers. Open to hearing about any superior products in the 3M lineup, but I'd like to know what the stock ones are first.
  6. Item: Bowers CM6 S2 Price Range: Let me know Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Will also consider 705 S2, 805-S, 805-N, just nothing white please!
  7. Get well soon jakeyb Beautiful table, have one here atm.
  8. @Neo no it was the A-1000 (1983) not A-S1000 I did source one and it sounds incredible, much better than the newer gear IMO.
  9. Mr Vintagejapan is 100% correct. Like many other amplifiers from the same era, these amps came with 2-prong power cords. They are double-insulated and do not require a connection to electrical earth / ground. You can read about this standard here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Appliance_classes Read under the IEC "Class II" heading. If you look on the top right hand corner of the rear of the B-2 panel, you can see the correct symbol indicating that the device is double-insulated. The ground terminal on the back of the B-2 (and other similar power amps) is for grounding other audio devices, usually a turntable. It is not for connecting to any external earthing. In fact, these amplifiers should ideally not be electrically earthed to a household ground terminal, as it can actually cause noise pickup. If there is a hum (other than normal transformer hum), it is likely a problem with the amp. The meters misbehaving, again a problem with the amp - likely the 458LG transistors as suggested by vintagejapan.
  10. What an incredible deal on some beautiful speakers! Response is the +/-3dB point (and what most people use for comparison), range is the +/-6dB point from memory. B&W has provided both of these values virtually forever, so it's nothing new or strange.
  11. I still can't even see any marks, the speakers look mint! ...although it appears one has an entire lamp fixture lodged in it, and the lamp is somehow functional also. Bonus!
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