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  1. Further information: Regrettable sale of this 12 driver IEM which critics describe as "one of the best-sounding IEMs out there. It may well be the smoothest, most midrange-resolving earphone on the planet right now" - https://www.headfonia.com/jerry-harvey-audio-roxanne/. Out of the box, they sound outstanding and at 119dB input frequency, loudness will never be a problem therefore seperate amplification is not necessary. Adding DAC however will elevate the Roxanne's performance even higher taking advantage of it's high resolution - my personal choice was the Chord Mojo. User p
  2. Hi Luke, How much are you looking at selling this package? I am interested.
  3. Hi There I am interested in these. Will you be providing original receipts? Can I ask how old they are and where they were purchased? Best regards, John
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