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  1. Not really interested in getting back into it.... I decided enough was enough when I ended up looking at $6k cartridges. Not going back down that rabbit hole again.
  2. It seems I won't hear it this Friday as I've come down with the flu. In these uncertain times I'll be waiting until this has passed before I have Ian over for a listening session.
  3. I've proper Aurum Cantus G3Si aluminum ribbons in my main system. These things are just planar or air motion transformer drivers. Still a nice speaker all things considered. I'd not use it for anything other than computer use or use with a TV. Pretty spectacular for that though. Fairly typical modern Hi-Fi sound to my ears though done better than anything else I've heard before. It has the sort of clarity that is fantastic for this purpose.
  4. I always was curious about these. Almost makes me wish I kept my vinyl. Almost.
  5. Did you try Raytheon Black Plate or RFT tubes? I've always liked the Raytheon Black Plates but in some gear they're simply too much. Very dynamic, liquid sounding tubes. It's a shame there's insufficient space to try 6414.
  6. Yes, it will be in the very top of the rack with a keyboard shelf installed beneath it. Means it will have room to breathe. I've given some thought to this already It will have airflow both under and above it.
  7. Yes, I'll have this set up in my equipment rack on Friday. Bought some new screws with plastic washers so it doesn't scratch up the VTL when installed in the rack. Got to take good care of such a rare item. Looking at recapping the near 30 year old electrolytic caps. Unfortunately VTL don't have schematics for this any longer. A shame as it will make full restoration more difficult. I never did bother with actually trying Audio Note as there were a few comparisons with the Abbas DAC2.1SE and 2.2SE. The Abbas came out on top.
  8. With more listening, these are pretty fantastic speakers on a computer or instead of a soundbar. Doesn't hold a candle to my two main systems though I'd be incredibly disappointed if it did! With volume turned up there's no escaping that these are not large speakers and I must say @muon* 's Lenehan ML1 are significantly more natural, musical.... Really better in every possible way. These are fantastic value if you don't have space for separate amps, DAC's etc and want an all in one solution to be used with digital sources. Are these as amazingly good as Mr Zeos raves
  9. It's actually impressing me the more I use them. A good purchase all up. Excellent low volume performance.
  10. So far, yeah these are nice. Nothing like my main system but insanely good for a desktop computer system for near field listening. These will see regular use in my home office. Build quality seems nice, sound quality is the best I've had for desktop use..... Very nice all up. Seems a little bass heavy though that's fine for its intended purpose. I imagine it would make them rather good for movies too if someone were to get them in place of a sound bar.... Heck it'd beat any soundbar I've heard senseless for the cost. Fantastic value really even at $850 s
  11. No, never tried Audio Note. Read some good things though
  12. Be interesting to see how it sounds in my system on Friday fed by the Gustard U16 + OCXO clock.
  13. Well, curiosity forced me to make another unnecessary purchase. A VTL Reference acquired from another member @Be quiet. This will displace the NOS Phillips TDA1540D based DAC in my second system and even if a sideways step sonically is beneficial in that it has multiple inputs and will only take up 1 rack unit in my equipment rack. Sort of had to get it due to curiosity about the Ultra-Analog DA20400 modules. Back in 1990 it was between this and the STAX DAC-X1T for the title of best DAC in the world.... A title which would go either way depending on your sonic preferences. A q
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