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  1. Maybe.... I struggle to see the point though for IT gear so cheap it out with Chinese LPS and spend extra for pure silver umbilicals with Oyaide connectors. If for a component like a Mutec or OCXO clock then the best LPS you can afford as there's bigger gains to be had. LPS: https://a.aliexpress.com/_mMRRygw Umbilical: https://a.aliexpress.com/_mtoNdQi
  2. Yes, once I have it I'll report back. It made an audible improvement with my last mini PC. Hopefully it will with this one too. The power supply is showing as in Brisbane so I should have it this week with some luck. EDIT: Just plugged the mini PC into the second output of my Noratel 12v 2.5a LPS. Massive improvement, nothing short of mind-blowing difference. Very happy. I'd have to say that an LPS is an absolute must for anyone running a media PC. I've the proper 12v 14a LPS yet to be delivered. The original switching power supply is 12v 5a. Best to keep gear on separate power supplies for better noise isolation. I stick with Chinese linear power supplies for IT gear (PC"s, switches, firewalls, wireless mesh points etc) and keep the good stuff (Farad Super3's) for use with audio gear only.
  3. Yes, I'm running almost 100% Aurealis here. I think very highly of Geoff's cables.
  4. Well the custom clock cable has been a win. No more signal dropouts with it in place once burned in, it improves on detail over the WE clock cable and there's less audible sibilance than with the Tchernov Special, though more than the WE. It's in no way bright though rather has a subtle warmth which makes it sound far more natural than the Tchernov while seemingly revealing every bit as much detail. Very happy with it. On the downside my new passively cooled Mini PC is putting audible signalling noise through my speakers. I believe it's due to the cheap switching power supply do I've a new LPS on the way for it. Hopefully it will sort that out. On another note I've been fiddling with the virtual volume pot impedance on my DACGEAR LDR Pro Mk2 and got some incredible improvements in terms of body and bass, treble is tightly integrated. I've had to fiddle around to find a happy medium that I like but seem to be there now. That said I've a Tortuga LDR300x V3 Active on the way for that system (should give improved dynamics, mids and bass in my bi-amped setup) and the DACGEAR will go into the second system once I receive my custom darTZeel NHB108 ciruit amp for that system
  5. Aha, gotcha.... I took it to mean references to DSD etc What you say makes more sense.
  6. I don't think high res has much to do with it. Both my systems are limited to 16 bit 44k. The main however is highly resolving with incredible insight. I did chase the high res dragon for a time before discovering that really the overall quality and implementation of the DAC, and the quality of the mastering makes a FAR bigger difference than bitrate.... Actually above 44K the difference was inaudible and typically the DAC's I tried simply didn't sound as good which had a negative impact on the experience. Interestingly I find downsampling in Roon has a negative impact on sound in comparison with using the Mutec MC3+USB to do the job which sounds far better being fed the native file bitrate.
  7. Yeah, I knew that system 2 would take a noticeable step back in terms of overall resolution when I sold my Oatlon W2-1000F speakers but wanted to downsize to just two systems. The B&W's are dads old speakers that I grew up around so selling them was not really an option. Too many memories tied to them. It's ok, they're fine for TV & movies as part of the 5.1 system and a speaker switchbox allows use of a separate amp and DAC for streaming and CD's. The VTL Reference DAC is era appropriate and sounds far better in this system than my main where the Abbas DAC is clearly more resolving..... And so is the rest of the system.
  8. Aye, that was my conclusion on all fronts. System 2 is the B system and uses vintage B&W DM-16 speakers. Very enjoyable yet it will never reach the levels of my main. In my main though the differences are very large and noticeable. I won't be going back to Tidal and thats for sure.
  9. Interesting..... I hear enormous differences in my main system, though rather minimal of any in my second system. Qobuz is very noticeably better in my main system. Improved body, dynamics, impact + slam, imaging and sound stage. The improvement was admin to be a component upgrade. As noted before I struggle to hear any difference in my second system. That system will recieve a new preamp and power amp soon so I'll have to compare again then.
  10. Sound like me.... I also find I never have time for games any longer too so the next PC for the office will likely be a passively cooled mini PC. Will probably just update the existing PC to Zorin OS 16 or some such. Just need word processor, spreadsheet, web browser and access to a printer and my scanner. Zorin seems to do that and the interface is actually way nicer than Window 10. Go figure right? Anything not available on the software centre 8l you just copy paste instructions into terminal. Easy done. Took ages to get UnRAID going properly though Roon and Plex dockers were easy enough once I got my head around it. Kind of wish I'd just gone with a high end Synology NAS though. So much easier. Set and forget.
  11. Messing around on UnRAID I accidentally wiped my playlists and backups so I used the opportunity to cancel Tidal and sight up to Qobuz. Interestingly sound quality is noticeably better. Particularly the treble where before there was what sounded like electronic signalling noise. It's not present with Qobuz so I wonder if it was something to do with MQA?
  12. Gah, was messing round on UnRAID and accidentally wiped all my dockers (meaning Roon) and my backups. Ah well, I can finally make the switch to Qobuz as transferring my playlists is no longer an issue. Still
  13. Woot! My order from Tortuga will ship this week. Confirmed no shortages due to Covid, just a bit of a backlog to work through.
  14. Ah, mines done that too with what little she knew about (the Abbas gear actually) I've gotten better at hiding it and get black boxes that all look pretty similar so changes are not visible to her. Besides, I brought in a purchases of new stuff needs to be financed by sales of the old. That's how the LP's and playback gear helped upgrade my digital chain still further
  15. Goodness no.... That's just where I unintentionally ended up constantly chasing improvements. Kind of at the point I'm contemplating killing my forum membership. Need to pursue new interests though haven't figured out what else I've time for.
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