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  1. I believe the Sub231 was flat to 35/40hz. The Basshorns IMO are flat to 40/45hz. I had to increase the crossover on the REL SE212s to about 40hz to get the system to work. Anyone who knows how subwoofers work will tell you that subwoofers are essential to getting instrument sizes to be full scale. It's not just about low bass. The RELs are flat to about 25hz IMO. If I switch the subs off the sound shrinks. Subwoofers are not an experiment.
  2. This ain't Vogue Lifestyle, it's better. I have eventually extracted the potential from the TrioXDs by adding a pair of Basshorns. Right out of the box the Basshorns were a level above the Sub231. I never thought the TrioXD with the Sub231 sounded as beautiful as the MG20.7. BUT the TrioXD with Basshorn sounds more beautiful than any speaker I've heard. Burning in takes at least 60hrs, and probably another 200hrs to complete. The only way I can upgrade my speakers again it to add more stacks of the Basshorns. Interestingly, AV ship these with custom fuses. The fuses are not badged, but
  3. I've heard these speakers in store. The double esotar tweeters give them as good a treble as I have heard.
  4. I have been able to solve REL hum problems by leaving the subwoofer connected to the Neutrick socket; but adding a connection from the RCA to an unused connection on the preamp. Humm seems a tempremental problem. I later disconnected the RCA cable and there was no humm.
  5. I've bought CDs and loaded on NAS they sound much better than the albums do when streaming. I don't talk about things I haven't heard on my system. Not snake oil
  6. I was a Qobuz subscriber for years, then switched to Tidal when it arrived in Australia. I've now been a Qobuz sublime subcriber for 2 year. Buying hirez albums as a Sublime subscriber are cheaper than CDs. Files of any rez sound better than streaming when played from NAS drive. Tidal don't sell files. Qobuz sells hirez files. If I really like an album and it is on hirez I buy it from Qobuz at a discount (about $15AUS or less) and the sound leaves any streamed sound for dead.
  7. These is certainly in good nick. Wish my remotes looked as good at that after 8yrs. GLWTS.
  8. Thanks Steffen. I've been clicking on the three dots next to album details. I listen to albums. I guess I'll have to drop down to tracks for file info. Believe me 1.7 displayed a file added date for NAS files. I know because I make digital copies of vinyl and I kept track of the file added dates to compare phonos, cartridges, etc. Hopefully future Roon updates will provide more features.
  9. Some of my Qobuz albums show the date added, but not all. It seems Roon misses some info. No NAS files show date added to NAS. I've gone through album displays but can't find anything to show date added like it used to.
  10. which tab in Roon shows this info? Date added used to be next to release date.
  11. Do you store files on a hard drive? Does Roon show the date the album was added? It used to do that. It is important to show the date the file was added so you can keep track of the history of when the file was added, for when you upgrade your system. There are always features which are more important to some than they are to others. People should stop trying to trivialise what is important to others.
  12. How long have you had Roon? 1.7 was only a few days ago and you can't remember if it displayed date you NAS files were added? Do you have NAS files.? Are you simply trolling my posts to find fault?
  13. It does not show the date a file is added to the NAS. Also discography of artists in Qobuz are not fully disclosed as a default. You have to click a tab to disclose the full discograph and the discograph no longer show album ratings, you have to click on the album to show the rating. I wish there was a way to go back to 1.7. Roon 1.8 was developed for those who stream tracks and don't have music on a hard drive.
  14. Roon 1.8 is awful. I want to revert to Roon 1.7. I no longer recommend Roon as suitable software if you hold music on a NAS. Room is focused on streaming. The curating of hard drive files is now mediocre.
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