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  1. the HDMI 2.1 issues... all over the worlds ht forums. even if you dont care about 2.1 if you buy a "new" model with 2.1 you better make sure it has been fitted with the new board. reason is try selling it in a couple of years, first question will be "did you get the updated 2.1 board"? if not you have an avr worth diddly. well that is how the buyers will see things, lack of latest tech makes things obsolete quickly like it or not.
  2. wouldnt be buying any so called new release avr atm. first mover disadvantage. wait until people have stock, its actually proven to work by other users and you dont need 400 updates or see if the box has a little yellow sticker on it to make sure you got the avr with the updated hdmi board. farce. try the bray player route if you think you need a better player, cheaper than bets testing. but thats just my thinking.. your $$ your choice
  3. just a note in general you do not want to have the pj at "extremes" so fully zoomed out or fully wide screen, mid way to 2/3rds either is fine. also note vertical and horizontal lens shift is not a separate feature.. one used takes away from the others range. experiment with that should be done on a temp mount so ensure final place is correct. one reason why shelf/"hush" box style mount is my preferred. if using the throw calculator the 8400 will be the same as the 9400 throw wise.
  4. the other thing is if looking at the ehtw9400 consider the 8400, nearly the same and can save you big $$. referring to those pjs depending on variables consider NOT mounting on the ceiling. at 6m room length, about 5.3m to screen taking in pj depth/cables/screen depth, you can shelf mount at the back of the room. make a "hush" box and you wont hear the pj at all . good throw calculator here the above epson's.. note epson "europe" for aust model numbers https://www.projectorcentral.com/Epson_Europe-EH-TW9400-projection-calculator-pro.htm reason for shelf is its not as high as ceiling mount and very little cost. also you can get to it easily AND you can throw a cover on it to reduce any dust problems that might happen in your room.
  5. make the boxes from bunnings h/duty cartons.. then find poly foam boxes, usually from restaurants/fruit and veg shops. cut to line the boxes, stuff packing in all the gaps such as old clothes/blankets. take your time and make sure no damage will happen do not rely on pack n send to pack unless you supervise.
  6. mate you are better off looking at these https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/996704741079655/?ref=search&referral_code=marketplace_search&referral_story_type=post buying 2 of the yammy 50w subs wont be better than buying 1.
  7. 600mm but dont know your... seating distance, 1 or 2 rows, riser height, ceiling height, A/T screen or normal, projector and mounting situation, 16:9 or 2.35:1... variables
  8. suggest you contact Mike at https://eastwoodhifi.com.au/
  9. haha i actually sold a set of these, with the same centre a few years ago. took days to pack and days for the buyer to remove from the packing. these need very well packed boxes if freighting and on a small pallet. not really viable in covid freight times imo. anyway mine were the same finish. best of luck with the sale
  10. poor old Edward making all that gear haha how good is your power supply in Ceduna, stable? 20amp in the house? big room? sorry no idea on the amps in question but quite an impressive sound set up.
  11. lots of choices here is a site that has most choices with good info on each https://www.justprojectors.com.au/ no jvc but thats a different level some would say with a price to match
  12. can i suggest more details such as your room size, expectations, amp/avr etc etc or someone one might offer say... 2x dtx fronts+centre (old chinese brand) and 2 old aaron centres as side surrounds with 2 old yamaha sw800 subs.. $5000 inc shipping. be more specific if you can if cant do some research first. but hey am negotiable on the price 🙂 possibly start a threat asking about what sort of gear others suggest/is out there, for your room situation/likes, as this is more of a wtb if you know what you want to buy thread.
  13. well some more things to consider. 1. the environment each unit was used in 2. the seller, any "feel" as to the honesty of the person 3. can you actually test the unit 4. my benq w1110 hours use can be reset to "0" whenever and as many times as i want... so points 1,2,3 will give you an idea if quoted lamp hours are true. 5. were either a refurb when bought originally? too many scammers around these days so do your home work.
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