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  1. i think everyone is a bit confused especially as op does not disclose.. speaker/sub set up, room situation, other related equipment in use. op has already stated he can get a marantz 8012 for $3000 which is a flagship model and will do Ht well. no music duties to worry about so either get the marantz (if not please post details so others can consider buying it) or get a $2500 denon 3700 + a external multi channel amp from the many on the forum classifieds. then you are done.
  2. is this a projector screen at 86" if so why so small, my 92" is small at 2.4m but my 123" is better at 3.2m. i would change the screen first.
  3. one spot? then any sub will b e compromised no matter what model. listing what you have might help.
  4. how big is your screen going to be, seated eye level to screen.. 16:9 or 2.35:1 screen from atmos posts you have a lower "bed" of speaker separated to the upper "bed" of atmos speakers. you dont have surrounds as high as possible with a atmos set up from my readings anyway.
  5. different level avrs.. 1x 9 internal amps/11 channel processing vs 11 internal amps/11 channel processing. price wise they would be quite different also. the 8012 would be viable if you wanted to power all 11 channels from the avr however you might be able to mate an external amp with the 4700 to get a more powerful set up, there is an emotiva 5 channel 200w per for sale on the forum. even the denon 3700 and equivalent marantz have 11 channel processing. comes down to your set up and use.
  6. here are some ideas/examples of real world use, not the b.s. advertising that always shows 1 person sitting in that 1 couch in that room perfect position. (dolby being one of them) https://www.avsforum.com/threads/rear-atmos-speaker-height-and-placement.2980520/
  7. easy done though.. just have rules. no rules means no life. my 2 HT rooms are mine end of story.
  8. never had to clean my ceiling in the HT room.. matte/flat for that imo.
  9. ceiling is very important and could be done in a contrast to the walls ie: a darker grey. maybe Klavier or Namadji ® just a thought.
  10. hmm obviously the "store" you went to has people who dont bother with helping you. spending so much for a 95" screen is just wasted money..95" is not HT, so lets see what can be done. 1. reverse that entry door so it opens out and into the dining room. i reversed mine and it is amazing what a difference it makes. 2. that massive window will become your screen wall, when will you need a window using that jvc pj? so thick black curtains, full height and length. this will also give you that better rear background for your (motorised retractable) screen. now dont go buying
  11. hopefully going from a diy 123" 16:9 screen to a diy 145" 2.35:1 A/T screen. hope my old epson ehtw8200 can handle it but as i only do 1080p should be fine. too bad for the front rowers seating at 3.2m haha, i sit in the back row. reckon you will go ape over that 150" screen.
  12. very fair imo... current ct-150 owner. they are a very nice sub for their age and work well behind seating with a 2nd sub up front.
  13. stick the thor directly behind your seating... from my readings on avs forum the 1000pro likes to be run with a bit higher gain than just the usual 50%.
  14. a bit strange. can i ask why both subs are at the front of the room, is that actually the best place for them. i run an earlier vely ct-150 15" 300w amp (behind seating) and it integrates well with my old pb2000 (front of room). hope to add a vely cht-15r later ... cant go without 15" subs even if not high powered :-) as for replacing existing old pb2000 with 2 pb1000 pro's? i would just buy one and see how that goes first.
  15. why do people think you need to face the woofer towards you? think side ways and it fits. port plugs included i hope as some retailers scam the purchaser into buying them.
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