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  1. Music enjoyment varies so much between listeners and Allmusic ratings while often are reasonably correct, I have found the same as you, some of my all time favs have low ratings. Some albums have reader reviews which can often be much higher than the critics. I have also found that Allmusic can have errors and many omissions. A more comprehensive list of releases can be found on Discogs.
  2. You should post this here https://www.stereonet.com/forums/forum/41-wanted-to-buy/
  3. A mate of mine solved this issue by getting a pair of large concrete pavers and gluing thin carpet like stuff all over them, top and bottom. (all available at Bunnings) He has polished wood floors and the paver improved the the bass. The carpet protected the floor from the concrete paver and sliding the speaker was made easy. This solution was also less fiddly to manage than individual floor protectors so this maybe worth considering. His looked very neat and stylish. Did not realise it was a concrete paver until he told me.
  4. I am in Brisbane and ran a pair of ML Ethos for 3 years. 2015 to 2018 and still own them. I never experienced what you have described and I have a large opening onto my deck which was near the speakers. In 2018 I changed to a pair of Martin Logan ESL 13A speakers and also never noticed this humidity issue with them either. But I have no aversion to closing up and cranking the AC at the hint of any icky heat/humidity. Especially if listening to music, I want to be comfortable. Why the resistance to using AC? No solar panels?
  5. I had an Orotofon Rondo Bronze MC several years ago. Cost $900 and it sounded fine but did not excite me as much as the Garrott P77i which cost less. Anyway, each of us has to experiment to find what we like, which is all part of the fun.
  6. Just looked up the price, less than $200AUD. Hell I have records that cost more than that. Such a great hobby, I came here for the expense and inconvenience, LOL!
  7. Agree with others here that vote for cartridge upgrade only at this stage because the 2M red is very "entry level" so plenty of room for improvement there. Perhaps consider Garrott Brothers. (Australian) The P77i is an excellent cart at around $700AUD. I owned one and it was extremely good performer.
  8. It seems typical of most first time sub users to initially have the sub level set far too high. I know I did this and so have friends. REL is a fine sub, I have one. Are you running it off speaker terminals or low level output? I too found the sub integrates best when positioned near one of the main speakers.
  9. Curious, what material are the woofer surrounds? I've owned ones with dry foam and others with a webbed material with some sort of black soft coating. I agree it is possible the speaker surrounds could have been stiff from lack of use and they have loosened up from re-use.
  10. I can endorse getting the toe-in correct. If you have your speakers facing dead straight, trust me they will not sound good. I had lived with my system for quite awhile and thought I had it all tweaked just right and it sounded pretty sweet. Then a buddy came over for a listen. He has a very good ear, well two in fact and his job is designing and installing commercial sound systems. I worked with him years ago. Anyway after listening for awhile he starts moving his head closer in and then back out several times and says, "vocals are a bit hot in the centre so I suggest you reduce the toe-in". So we do that and immediately I can hear the improvement in the sound stage. Not enough toe-in and the sound stage will seem thin in the centre, too much toe-in and centre will sound too fat. If your room permits, try varying the distance between your speakers, this may help, or make it worse.
  11. I don't think a bad pressing "can ruin your day", seems a bit extreme. Hunting records/music can be a bit hit and miss for sure. Sometimes the pressing sounds fabulous but the music does not quite do it for me. Sometimes the whole purchase turns out to be a dud. But when the pressing sounds really great and the music slots in with your taste it makes the other dud purchases fade away. And that is the gamble and reward of buying music. An example of a really great sounding record which was a complete gamble is this. Fricking amazing!
  12. Someone said about getting a TT to at least rival your digital setup. I agree. This is important because if you get a TT setup that sounds worse than your digital then you have done yourself a dis-service. I started listening with records in the 70's, moved to CD in 1985 and then returned to records around 2009. When I decided try records again and buy a TT in 2009 I went to a proper hifi store and said to the guy (who had been in the biz since the 70's) I want a TT & cartridge that is NOT entry level but at a price point where is gives really good sound before you start spending lots for smaller improvements in sound. As soon as I played the first record on that 2009 TT I was blown away by how much more I liked the sound over CD. The extra bass was amazing! So very glad I spent the $1,500AUD for a Rega with a Garrott Brothers cart. Records If pressed well and made from good sources be it digital or analog source still sound more pleasing to me than streaming or CD/SACD. There are plenty of dud sounding records, but find the good ones and it is magic.
  13. $500-600 is kinda low. I mean, if you expect it to sound fairly good I'd be thinking a budget of $1,500 inc cartridge (all new) would serve you better. I have known of ppl that buy a cheap TT and soon find they need to upgrade. So I think it is far better to jump in at a higher price bracket.
  14. If these come with cartridge already fitted then it would be helpful if you told us what they are as this can be a factor in your decision.
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