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  1. Further information: Good compact DAC ideal for use with a PC USB input and RCA and headphone output The headphone output has volume control I have owned since new in 2013 Photos:
  2. I have owned this since new in 2015 It operates perfectly In very good condition with a minor blemish on front and faint scuff on top ( See photos) Display works as new as I usually have it deactivated It has the DAB/FM module included Comes with manual,power chord, DAB/FM aerial and wi fi aerial and remote I do not have the original packing but will wrap well to deliver by Pack and Send Photos:
  3. Selling these items as a single lot. Will not separate. All are in working condition Pick up in Canberra only Might suit someone setting up a video gaming room or similar All were entry level quality at the time of purchase The AVR does not have HDMI ports The SACD player has 5.1 out as well as HDMI Photos:
  4. Bookshelf speakers can be bi amped Four minor dents on one of the speakers as shown in photos They function just fine Dimensions 26 cm deep, 16 cm wide 28 cm high Weigh about 5 kg each Will send via Pack and Send if no local pick up Shipping cost included Photos:
  5. Hi I am thinking about investing in a reasonably high end streamer /dac to replace a Naim 172xs streamer pre amp. Does anyone have experience in using a streamer/ dac with volume control as a preamp? Are there inherent problems with this approach. In particular has anyone used an Auralic Vega G2.1 straight into a power amp, in my case a Naim 250 DR Thanks for any advice
  6. A pair of basic speaker stands as pictured Brand is not known Structurally fine and can be dissasembled Base has blunt metal cones as feet. They are removable Probably a bit too weighty to post easily but will consider at purchasers expense Happy to drop these off to a purchaser in Canberra Height is around 50 cm Photos:
  7. Two 3 meter cables terminated with banana plugs I will cover the cost of postage...express
  8. Further information: I will send by express post and cover the cost
  9. Thanks for the suggestion I will go and see them I have bought plenty of gear from them over the years when I was playing in bands Cheers
  10. Thanks I hadnt thought about this kind of gear! They certainly look competitive on price, depending on what you choose But as they seem to be optimised for studio/recording purposes how do they perform in a Hi Fi sense? Or am I making a false distinction? Cheers
  11. Item: Looking for good quality, compact active desktop speakers. I envisage driving them from a laptop streaming tidal to an Armcan rPac DAC then via RCA analogue cables into the speakers. In other words wireless connectivity is not a priority Will be used for near field listening at relatively low volume So detail, sound stage and neutrality are being sought Price Range: negotaiable Item Condition: Used Canberra based Extra Info:
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